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Research Title
 International Conference on Arabic and Islamic Studies-ICAIS  Dubai, UAE.2014
Translation and the Arabic Language paper
Anjad MahasnehPresenter
The Seventh Annual International Translation Conference "Politics of Translation: Representations and power”Doha, QatarMarch 28 & 29 2015
“The Need for Conflict Zones Interpreters Training Model: Empirical Evidence From AFC In Jordan”
Anjad MahasnehPresenter
First ECUC Academic Conference Umm al- Quwain-United Arab Emirates17/18-1-2018
The Translation of the Denotative and Connotative Meaning of Sakinah in the Holy Qur'an: An Empirical Study
Anjad MahasnehPresenter
ICCTCI 2019: 21st International Conference on Counter Terrorism and Counter InsurgencyBali, Indonesia14-15/01/2019.
" Counterterrorism Narrative of Jihad Verses in the Holy Quran in the Context of ISIS".
Mahasneh, AnjadPresentation
The Sixth International conference on linguistics, literature, and Translation held at Al Zaytoonah University of JordanJordan 26-27 October 2016
The Urgent need to train interpreters
Mahasneh, AnjadPresentation
Critical Approaches to Language, Literature and Translation Studies conferenceMiddle East University, Amman, Jordan. November 24th -25th , 2021
"Evaluating Students’ Translations: Grading and Rubrics"
Mahasneh, AnjadPresentation and Chairing a session