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"Arabic Language and Emotiveness’s Translation"Anjad A. MahasnehInternational Journal of Social Science and Humanity, Vol. 6, No. 4, April 2016
"Translating Arabic Political Poetry into English"Anjad A. MahasnehAssociation of Arab Universities journal of Arts. 13: (2), 806-831 2016
"The Translation of the Denotative and Connotative Meaning of Sakinah in the Holy Qur'an: An Empirical Study"Anjad A. MahasnehDIRASAT human and social sciences Journal to be publsihed soon
"Translating Measure Terms From Arabic Into English: A Sociolinguistic  approach". Ahmed M Al-Harahsheh,Mohammed M ObeidatDIRASAT human and social sciences Journal V 43. Jordan University2016
“Arabic Localization of Video Games "Tomb Raider™ (2013"): A Start or A Failure” Anjad Mahasneh, Maysa Abu kishkLebende Sprachen 63(1): 47–62De Gruyter2018
Conflict Zones: A Training Model for InterpretersMahasneh, Anjad. & Obeidat, Mohammad The Interpreter's Newsletter 63: 63-812018
 Gender Equity in Jordanian Higher Education System: Yarmouk University as a Case Study. Mahasneh, Anjad. &  Batoul Al-MuhaisenDirasat, Human and Social Sciences, 46: (2), 193-2052019
The Translation of Jihad Verses After the Emergence of ISIS: Distortion or RealityMahasneh, Anjad. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies10  (5) 129-140Richtmann Publishing Ltd in London2021
A Semiotic Translation of Memes: Trump’s Visit to Saudi Arabia as a Case StudyMahasneh, Anjad. & Hana Bashayreh Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies10 (4) 32-42Richtmann Publishing Ltd in London2021
“(Re)constructing Narratives in Qur'an TranslationMahasneh, Anjad. International Journal of Arabic-English Studies (IJAESAccepted2022
Resemiotisation of Illustrations in Children’s Picture Books Between English and ArabicMahasneh, Anjad . & Abdelal, RahafSAGE OpenApril-June 1–15.Sage2022
Speeches of a king: Translation as NarrationMahasneh, Anjad. Jordan Journal of Modern LanguagesAcceptedYarmouk University2021
Enhancing short term memory for conflict zone interpreters Mahasneh, Anjad.  Interpreter Training in Conflict and Post-Conflict Scenarios210-222Routledge Taylor & Francis Group Ltd, London, UK.2022