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"Challenges that professional interpreters might encounter during the process of interpreting conferences in live TV from English into Arabic" Amin I. Dwairy Interpretation2016Not Published
" The Arabic Localization of Video Games: An Analysis of Translation and Localization practices of Selected Linguistic Assets"Maysa’ Taher Abu Kishek Localization2016Not Published
"A Survey about The Role of Jordanian Community Interpreters" Murad M. Abdul RazzaqInterpreting2017Not Published
The Translation of Metaphors In His Majesty King Abdullah II's Speeches" Ruba Mohammed MaqablehTranslation2017Not Published
The Strategies used by Movie Websites (Fansubtitlers) in Translating Swear Words in American Comedy Movies into Arabic" Manar Wasef GharaibehTranslation Studies2017Not Published
" The (In) Visible Translator's Ideology: Lynch's New Arab Wars: Uprisings and Anarchy in the Middle East, Arabic Translation as a Model" by Omar Muhammad Al ZouabiTranslation Studies2017Not Published
"The difficulties in Translating " The Making of Jordan " by Yoav Alon Rakan RawashdehTranslation Studies2018Not Published
Sound Echoism: A Comparative Aesthetic Study of Ali, Rodwell, Dawood, and Royal Aal Al-Bayt’s Translations of The Holy Quran" by Sumayya Saleh Al AjarmehTranslation Studies2018Not Published
"Comparative study: Intersemiotic analysis of pictures in English children's book translated into Arabic: " Diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick rules" by Rahaf AbdelalTranslation Studies2019Published
"The Application of Semiotics Theory in Translating Political Memes from English into Arabic" by Safa Basheer AliTranslation Studies2020Not Published
"Investigating Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH) between English and Arabic" by Duaa ShatnawiTranslation Studies2021Published
" Interpretation studies can be an autonomous discipline or an interdisciplinary field of study" by Oqbah AL-Zeout2023Not Published
" English-Arabic Assessment of Neural Machine Translation" by Shefaa AlsughairTranslation Studies2022Not Published
Advertising Translation: The Appearance and Disappearance of Culture" by Ahmad Khaldoun Abu-JarourTranslation Studies2023Not Published