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I thought different courses in different academic institutions at different countries:
a) Undergraduate courses :
1. ■Macro and Microeconomics ■Econometrics ■Mathematical Economics ■Research Methods ■ public Finance ■ Economic Development ■ Mathematics for Economics and Administrative Sciences ■ Statistics for Business and Economics (All these courses were taught at Economics Department - Yarmouk University, and were conducted in English language).                            
2.■Quantitative Business analysis I & II ■Research Methods (Business Department- Yarmouk University.  Conducted in English language)
3.■Feasibility studies and project appraisal (Finance Department, Yarmouk University. Conducted in English language).
4.■Public Finance (Public Administration Department - Yarmouk University. Conducted in Arabic language).
5.■Macro and Microeconomics ■Economic Development ■Mathematics for business ■Statistics for Business (University Division, Delmon academy, Bahrain. Conducted in Arabic language).
6.■Macro and Microeconomics ■Econometrics ■Economic Development, ■Contemporary Economic Issues in the Arab countries ■Public Finance (Economics Department - Qatar University. Conducted in Arabic).
7. Macro & micro economics, and statistics for the military college students in Qatar

b)Graduate courses
1.■Applied Econometrics ■Microeconomics ■managerial Economics (Economics Department-Yarmouk) University. (English Language was a medium of instruction).       
2.■Project Appraisal (Department of Finance- Yarmouk University. (Conducted in Arabic and English language).
3.■Social Statistics for Anthropologist (Anthropology Department - Yarmouk University. (Conducted in English Language).
4.■Contemporary world economic blocks (department of political science -Yarmouk University. Conducted in English and Arabic languages).
5.■Advanced Applied econometrics (Al Albeit University-Jordan. Conducted in Arabic language).
6. Research Methodology ( Yarmouk university)
1983,1984-1988 ,and 1988-2012