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Welcome to my site!


Motivating and talented tourism professor driven to inspire students to pursue

academic and personnel excellence and consistency strive to create a challenging

and enjoying learning environment.


 Areej ALOUDAT               


 Department of Tourism and Travel, Yarmouk University, IRBID 21163

UNWTO(TedQual) Accredited program (Tourism Management)

Professional Summary

Motivating and talented tourism professor driven to inspire students to pursue academic and personnel excellence and consistency strive to create a challenging and enjoying learning environment. A track record of research success with numerous published articles and book chapters.

 Research interest

 Tour guiding (Specialty), Tourist behavior, Qualitative research in tourism studies, Tourism and Hospitality education, Gender differentiation in tourism workforce, Women empowerment through tourism and hospitality industry, Halal Tourism, Marketing (Refugees as Tourism Market).


·    Strong verbal communication

·    Conflict resolution

·    Curriculum development

·    Leadership skills

·    Advising Team leadership approach

·    Skill building

·    Creative learning strategies

​·    Positive learning environment

·    Punctual

·    Interpersonal skills

 Work History

September 2010-2018

Assistant professor | Yarmouk University

October 2018-Current

Associate Professor | Yarmouk University


·    Supervise students in their BA graduation projects and MA theses.

 ·    Teach introductory and upper level courses for undergraduate and graduate students in Tourism management.

 ·    Serve on multiple faculty and university committees and acted as chair of some of them.

 ·    Foster students' commitment to lifelong learning by connecting course materials to broader themes and current events.

 ·    Maintain office hours to help students with questions and educational support.

 ·    Track student assignments, attendance and test scores.

 ·    Select appropriate materials to support student learning needs.

·    Distribute course syllabus and answered student questions regarding standards, material, grading and progression.

 ·    Assess students for special needs and referred them to the appropriate services.

·    Collaborate with Tourism Department and leading the team to meet the requirements of the Tourism Education Quality UNWTO (TedQual)(accredited program for three years 2020-2023).

 ·    Utilize innovative teaching methods to encourage student learning objectives. (Among the top two percent of the university members in relation to the score of the teaching strategies).

 ·    Adapt teaching methods and class materials to suit student needs.

 ·    Built strong rapport with students through class discussions and academic advisement

September 2018-Current

Dean's Assistant for Accreditation and Quality Assurance | Yarmouk University

 ·            Leading department staff to achieve the TedQual accreditation.

 ·    Follow up accreditation criteria in the faculty according to the national requirements.

 ·    Follow up the recommendations of audit report after achieving the TedQual in order to maintain such international accreditation.

 ·    Follow up the QS World University Rankings’ file for the faculty to provide the required data. 

·    Leading the faulty team for applying the best faculty in the university that is achieved.

January 2013-January 2015

Assistant Dean | Yarmouk University

 ·    Assistant Dean for Quality Assurance: Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management.

 ·     Reviewed course plans and adopt a unified course portfolio for the faculty.

 ·    Follow-up different issues regarding the World Universities Classification (QS) for Yarmouk University.

·    Served on Faculty to revise the criteria of accreditation in line with the Jordanian Higher Education Accreditation Commission's rules and regulations.

 ·    Revised study plans for undergraduate and graduate programs.

Theses Supervision:

·         An Assessment of Total Quality Management: A Comparative Study between Restaurants of Five Stars’ Hotels and Classified Restaurants in Jordan.

·         The Experience of Women Entrepreneurs in the Tourism Sector in Jordan.

·         Refugee Students as Domestic Tourists in Destinations.

·         Event Management and its impacts Operational on the Operational Performance of 5-star Hotels. (In progress).

·         The Role of Ajloun Nature Reserve in Promoting Ecotourism in Jordan. (In progress).



Ph.D: Tourism/University of Bedfordshire / UK

Thesis Title" The World View of Tour Guides": A Grounded Theory Study ''

The study explored the worldview of tour guides and developed a framework on the lived world of knowledge, sensations and perceptions that constitute the professional and subjective realities of the guiding role. The research inquiry used a qualitative approach, incorporating a grounded theory strategy, to explore this world and model its main dimensions. Theoretically, the study contributed to the body of tourism and travel literature in making visible and modelling the worldview of an occupational group who are central to the tourism industry, but have been largely neglected by academics, and it is argued, undervalued by the industry itself. Methodologically, the study made an original contribution to tourism literature by the ways in which grounded theory has been used to explore guiding.


Master of Arts: Tourism Management/Yarmouk University

Among the top one percent of students.


Bachelor of Arts: Modern Languages l Yarmouk University


Post Crisis Certification: School of Hospitality and Tourism Management/ University of South Florida.



 ·    Scholarship, Yarmouk University, 2003-2005.

 ·    Scholarship, Yarmouk University, 2006-2010.

·    Associate editorial board member for the following journals: International Journal for Tour guiding Research. Journal of Arab and Muslim Service.

 ·    Reviewer for the following Clarivate Analytics and Scopus Journals: European Journal of Marketing; Dirasat: Human and Social Sciences; Current Issues in Tourism; Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Tourism Analysis.·    Member of the scientific committee of international and local conferences (e.g. 6th International Forum of Guided Tours, Portugal,7th International Forum of Guided Tours, Turkey).

 ·         Working in a funded project from Gerda Henkel Foundation: Integrating the Syrian Refugees in Jordan tourism Industry. GIS for tourism, funded by European Union.

·     Member of Association of North America Higher Education International.


·    Aloudat. Sh. A.; Black, R. &Everett. S. (2020). Tour Guides’ Perspectives on Their Work and Life: A Case Study of Jordanian Tour Guides. In: G. Yildirim; O.Ozbek ; C.Caglar Kilinc & A. Tarinc (Eds.) Cases on Tour Guide Practices for Alternative Tourism. IGI Global Publisher of Timely Knowledge.


·    Everett, S. & Aloudat Sh. A. (2018). Analysing qualitative data. In: R. Durbarry (Ed.) Research Methods for Tourism Students. Routledge: UK. 


·    Everet, S. & Aloudat Sh. A. (2018). Grounded theory and data analysis. In: R. Durbarry (Ed.) Research Methods for Tourism Students. Routledge: UK.


·    Everet, S. & Aloudat Sh. A (2018). Analysing Qualitative Data Using NVivo. In: R. Durbarry (Ed.) Research Methods for Tourism Students. Routledge: UK.


·   Aloudat, Sh. A. (2017). The worldview of tour guides: a grounded theory study. Noor publishing: Germany.


·    Aloudat, Sh. A. (2017). Undergraduate students' perceptions of a tour-guiding career, Scandinavian Journal of Tourism Studies, 17(4), pp:334-344.


·     Al-Shorman, A., Rawashdeh,A., Makhadmih,A. Oudat,A.,Darabsih, A.(2016). Middle Eastern Political Instability and Jordan's Tourism. Journal of Tourism Research & Hospitality. 


·    Ababneh, A. Darabseh, F. Aloudat, A. Sh. (2016). The Management of Natural and Cultural Heritage: A comparative Study from Jordan. The Historic Environment: Policy &Practice.7(1), 3-24. 


·    Aloudat, Sh. A. (2015). Grounded Theory. In, J. Jafari &, H. Xiao (Eds.). Encyclopedia of Tourism, New York: Springer. 


·    Aloudat, Sh. A. & Rawashdeh, A. (2013). Tracking Jordan Destination Image Using the Same Sample. International Journal of Marketing Studies.5(2), pp.59-65.


·    A number of journal articles ad book chapters and reviews are under publications process.



·     The 3rd International Research Forum on Guided Tours, The Netherlands, 4-6 April,2013, with a paper entitled " Tour Guides as source of tourism performance data". 


·    The 7th World Conference for Graduate Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure, Istanbul, Turkey. 3-7 June, 2014, with a paper entitled "The Private Life of Tour Guides". 


·    The 5th International Research Forum on Guided Tours, Denmark 15-17, March,2017, with a paper entitled " Being in the Minority: The challenges of being a female tour guide in Jordan''.  


·    6th International Research Forum for Guided Tours, Institute of Tourism Studies, Malta 20-23 March 2019, paper" Innovation in Tour Guiding"


·    Participating in numerous conferences in Jordan as presenter and chair of sessions (1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th conferences of Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management; Conference of launching Accreditation and Quality Assurance Criteria for Faculties of Tourism and Hospitality in Jordan; Global Healthcare Travel Forum; COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact on Tourism and Hospitality Sector/ Jordan.


·   Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, paper presented: Recovery Strategies for the Tourism Sector in Jordan post- Covid 19, June 2020.


·    Attending different webinars organized by international tourism bodies and universities.

(e.g. Women Entrepreneurs in small tourism communities, 10th October, 2020, The Bright Side of Human Resource Management, Temple University, 6th November 2020, QS World University Rankings: Arab Region 2021 Event, UNWTO International Forum –Education, Employment and Training in Tourism, Jan. 2021).


Served in international conferences as a member in the scientific committee. (e.g: 6th International Research Forum For Guided Tours, Malta, 7th International Research Forum on Guided Tours 26th to 27th of March 2021, Ankara) 


·         Arabic (Mother Tongue)

·         English (fluent speaking, reading, writing)

·         French (intermediate speaking, reading, writing)

·         Spanish(fair)










University of Bedfordshire/UK