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أوراق مؤتمرات غير منشورة





Research Title

1- Aref Atari and Salha Issan (2005), Emerging trends in educational administration, Conference on Educational and Psychological Sciences, Yarmouk University, Nov. 21-23 2005.
2- Aref Atari, (2002) Rationale for Islamic management with special reference to Educational settings, 2nd Congress on the Islamic Management, Azad University, Tehran, I.R. of Iran, 27-29 May, 2002.
3- Aref Atari and Ibtisam Naji (2002) Using Arabic literature in teaching Arabic language for non- Arab speakers in the International Islamic University Malaysia” 1st International Conference on Language, Culture and translation in the 3rd millennia, University of Bahrain, 16-18 April 2002.
4- عارف عطاري،(2002) تدريس أصول التربية في الجامعات العربية: دراسة نقدية،اجتماع خبراء التربية في الدول العربية )، بيروت، سبتمبر 2002).



Nature of contribution



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