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Probability and Random Processes
Probability, random variables, probability distribution and density functions, multiple random variables, random processes, spectral properties of random processes and response of linear systems to random input.  Introduction of the linear mean square estimation.  Engineering applications (communications in noise, data compression, radar).
Advanced Digital Communications
This course covers digital modulation techniques on a unified basis consistent with modern information theory. The discussion of information and statistical communication theory is limited to developing concepts and criteria for comparing the modulation techniques. Software tools will be integrated into the course to aid in the comparisons
2nd Semster, 2014
Advance Digital Signal Processing
State of the art TMS digital signal processor, hardware / software development systems, finite and infinite, impulse response filters, Fast Fourier Transform, multi-rate signal processing, wavelet transform, adaptive filters, TI C6 X family overview and program.
fst semester. 2014