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​​Welcome to Dr. Ahmed Musa Website


Department of Communications Engineering

Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology, Yarmouk University

Irbid 21163, Jordan

Tel (office): +962-2-7211111  Ext. 4614

The explosion growth in engineering field because of the development in science and technology has placed great demands on faculty and students as well. I was assigned as an instructor assistant at University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and while I was teaching there I figure out that UTEP students needs additional support to complete their education. In 2006, along to my teaching I was appointed as a chairman of department of Computer Engineering at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University (AHU), who granted me a scholarship while I pursue my Ph.D. at UTEP. Additionally, I was on leave for 3 years at Taif University (TU), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Nowadays I work at Department of Telecommunications Engineering at Yarmouk University (YU), Irbid-Jordan.

Through my experience at all aforementioned schools, I found out that the effectiveness of the faculty members to unify their research programs, the teaching activities along with administrative responsibilities is more relevant. However research, teaching or administrating should not overshadow the other part of the life. I do believe that working on a balanced effort gives the most rewarding experience for a faculty member. I all the time try to bring the practical experience that I have gained through my work in Jordan Telecom and the academic experience that I have gained through my period to the Department of Telecommunications Engineering at YU. This perspective allowed me to have a good performance shown in the faculty evaluations at UTEP, AHU, TU as well as YU.

My efforts are the result of the philosophy that education and technology need to converge. Some areas are focusing on traditional research leaving student needs aside. Conversely many areas traditionally focused on the students do not use effective technological tools. Our students need the technical research as a crucial component of their education dealing with the advanced topics; however they also need supporting educational methods to grasp the new concepts.

My field of specialty is communication networks with emphasis on Optical Networks. Communications technologies have multiple applications in many other disciplines. This diversity in applications will enable my collaboration with several other departments and disciplines. Additionally, I focused in my study and research on fiber optic communications because they provide astonishing large capacities. As we see nowadays, there is an ever-increasing demand on high bandwidth and transmission capacity. To meet this demand, networks must adopt optical fiber and photonic technologies. Needless to say such networks will bring the dream to reality. Thus, research in optical networks has a bright future. Furthermore, wireless communications and cognitive radio, which aim at serving the entire territories, will end to optical fiber link. Thus, I nowadays focus and try to join research groups to have a full integrity of large bandwidth and high speed telecom services to the community nationwide.​





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