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Ashraf Q. H. Jaradat

Full time Lecturer/ Assitant Professor

College of Information Technology & Computer Sciences

Management Information Systems Department

Yarmouk University

A.    Education

    Ph.D. Computer Science, University Kebangsan malaysia (UKM), Malaysia, April, 2015

             Best Effort Resolution Model for Imperfect Instance Management Using Probabilistic Network Digital Object Approach​

    M.Sc. Information Technology (Computer Science )University Kebangsan malaysia (UKM), Malaysia, Sep, 2005

           Biodiversity Information System Modeling: An Informative Digital Object Approach

 ​B.Sc.  Management Information System (MIS)-HonoursInternational Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)​, Malaysia, May,2002
B.     Employments and Work Experience


Full time lecturer/Assistant Prof. Dept. of Management Information system, Yarmouk University, Jordan


Advisor Business Development, SpringHill Group​, Jakarta, Indonesia


IT consultant, Jordano Sdn. Berhad malaysia,                 


  C. Training



​D. Top Skills

Computer Skills

Language skills

 E. Achievements&  Publications​


II     BooK

​Graduate research assistant, Computer science, information system development, UKM. Malaysia 

Professional Training Program on Enhancing Customer Service and Communication Skills (ECSC). EMCI,Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia

Professional Training in Oracle 8i.Palco(Approved Oracle Education Partner), Amman-Jordan​


·         Data Integration with uncertainity management.

·       Database Design & Management Technologies.

·       Probabilistic Databases.

·       Advanced & Distributed Database.

·       Project Management.

·       System Analysis & Design.​

·       Arabic           : Excellent                              

·       English          : Very Good

·       BahasaMalaysia  : Basic Communication

·       Bahasa Indonesia   : Basic Communication ​ 

·  EKSPO Penyelidikan&Inovasi. 2005. UniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia ​(UKM) Product:PemodelanMaklumatBiodiversiti: PendekatanObjek Digital Informatif. Ashraf Jaradat, Aziz Deraman,&SufianIdris.

· ​ Aziz Deraman, Ashraf Jaradat, NormawatiMokhtar, Laily Din, &Nizam Said. 2005. Digital object modeling: An approach to the development of Danum Valley biodiversity repository in Danum Valley. Conservation Area: Physical, Biological & Social Science Environments. IntiprintSdn Bhd.pp.384-392.​

III Conferences

IV Award

V Program developed

F. Research: Specific

 Area of Interest​

G. Activities

·   Ashraf Jaradat, Aziz Deraman, SufianIdris, Laily Din, &Nizam          Said. 2005.Pemodelanmaklumat biodiversity: pendekatanobjek        digital informatif. Seminar Kimia Bersama –JSChem ITB-UKM VI.      Denpasar-Bali.

· Ashraf Jaradat & Aziz Deraman.2008. An extended data integration architecture:uncertainty representation modelling approach. Technical Paper at the Strategic Information Systems (SIS)Workshop 2008. Malacca.

· Aziz Deraman, JamaiahYahaya, Juhana Salim, Sufian Idris, Ashraf Jaradat, Dian Indrayani Jambari, Ibrahim Komoo, Mohd. Shafeea Leman, Tanot Unjah, Marilah Sarman,& Lim Choon Sian. 2009.The development of myGeo-RS: A knowledge management system of geodiversity data for tourism industries. Communications of the IBIMA, 8(19): 142-146.​

Bronze Medal Award for research title: Pemodel anmaklumat biodiversiti: pendekatan objek digital informatif, EKSPO Penyelidikan & Inovasi-UKM (2005).​

·  E-Book: A Prototype was developed in the fulfillment of the Project Requirement for the Bachelor Degree. IIUM, Selangor-Malaysia.

· BioKAS: A biodiversity knowledge archiving system. UKM, Selangor-Malaysia.

·   Impiana-I:  An imperfect data integration system.UKM, Selangor-Malaysia.

· Other program and website. I participated in their development and customization set up to suite the private vender’s requirement and specification, i.e., JordanoSdn. Berhad, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My research interests include databases and data management with an emphasis on data integration and uncertain data management, particularly, the entity linkage and data fusion with uncertainty management incorporation.

Iam also interested in the schema/ data/ ontology matching, Web data integration, Web information trustworthiness,probabilistic databases, and information system modeling and development.​

Member of UKM SISGroup          :

Member of UKM INSpirEGroup   :