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Power system Control and Stability
Stability of Power System and synchronous machines under abnormal condition such that frequency variations and voltage fluctuations. Low frequency oscillation phenomena in electrical power systems. Power system stabilizers.
High voltage Engineering
High voltage transmission systems and substations. Insulation system and breakdown of the dielectric materials. partial discharge measurement and electrical stresses calculations. High voltage cables.
Fuzzy logic applications in power systems
Fuzzy logic controllers and its applications. Fuzzy logic controllers for power system stability enhancement and speed control of induction motors.
Power system restructuring
Deregulation of electrical power systems. Trading energy and utility markets. Open Access Same-time Information System.  Locational marginal pricing and optimum load flow.
Smart Grids
The Automation of the electrical power systems. The employment of artificial techniques to optimize the performance of the smart grids. And the use of solid-state devices such that the FACT devices to improve the power system quality.