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Research Title
Sixth International Conference of Faculty of Archaeology "Archaeology and Heritage: Authenticity, Risks and ChallengesEgypt-   Held in Cairo University, Egypt2018
:  Umm Qais: Challenges and Excavations.

Atef ShiyabAticle
 Third International conference of Ajloon in History: traditional life, Jordan -Anjara Association of cultural in cooperation with Association of Ajloon for research and study “. Held in Al- Balga Applied university   - 2-3 November 2015.
 Cultural tourism and it effect on the development of Jordanians rural.
Atef   Shiyab Aticle
the first international conference of Faculty of Archaeology "Archaeological sites and museum collections: Values, problems and solutions  Held in Cairo University, Egypt- 21-24 October 2015.
  The Role of the Museum of Jordanian Heritage in the Promotion of Cultural Tourism and the Protection of Museum’s collections
Atef ShiyabAticle
the Ninth international conference on the history of Bilad al-Sham,Jordan- Organized by University of Jordan2011
: Agriculture and water systems in the Moab area (al-Qasr and al-Rabbah) in Karak Governorate in the late
Byzantine Age.
Atef ShiyabAticle
the first international conference on Nabatean culture in petraJordan- Organized by University of Jordan 2012
 Worship of the Nabataeans' god "Dusares" in Qasr al- Rabbah- Karak Governorate: An Analytical Comparative Study.
Atef ShiyabAticle