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7. The Hashemite Collections at the Museum of Jordanian Heritage. PublishedDr Atef ShiyabAmman, al-Dustour Commercial Press 20041
Arabilla, The City of Culture Through Ages ,PublishedDr Atef Shiyabbook published20071
Archaeology science and Jordanian Museum’s, PublishedDr Atef shiyabbook published20081
18. A Guide to Jordanian Coins. ( English and Korean  languages)  PublishedDr Atef ShiyabKOICA   and Yarmouk University, Aiyal   Printing PressOctober 22, 20091
Greek History and Archaeology, PublishedDr Atef Shiyabbook published 20111
21. Roman History and Archaeology PublishedDr Atef Shiyabbook Published,2011.1