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1.Plans of Nabataean Temples in Southern Jordanatef shiyabthesis250yarmouk universiy1990
2. An Archeological Excavation at the temple of Qasr Al-Rabbah   dr . atef shiyab -Irbid-Jordan News letter-Yarmouk UniversityYarmouk University(1993).
5. Jordan (Moab, al- Balqa, al-Urdunn)   and the Arab Conquest.  dr Atef Shiyab . Ph .D Thesis360Published, Versailles University, Paris, France2002.
- Analytical investigation of five Roman Pb-based scale weights (Qasr Ar-Rabbah, Jordan): A case study. International Journal MAADr atef Shiyab (ISI Arts &  Humanities Citation Index, Thomsons Reuters, USA).  MEDITERRANEAN ARCHAEOLOGY & ARCHAEOMETRY28 April 2013
24. Questioning Transjordan's Historic Desertification: a Critical Review of the Paradigm of 'Empty Lands', Dr Atef shiyab Levant, 2012, vol. 44,  no 1. International Journalvol. 44,  no 1. Levant 2012
6. History of Numismatic : Pre-coinage and Lydian Coinage ,Example from the Numismatics Hall in the Museum of Jordanian Heritage,  Dr Atef Shiyab News letter, Faculty  of Archaeology and Anthropology, Yarmouk University, Irbid – Jordan, ,issue .25 2003
8. A Late Roman tomb Near Qasr ar- Rabbah. DR Atef ShiyabAnnual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan,  Amman,.volume 49 2005
Nabataean Capitals: orders and Architecture Origins. Dr Atef Shiyab(Dirasat Tarikhiyyah), Syrian Arabic republic Damascus University, Journal of Historical Studies 2007.
17. Residential Agglomerations in al- Qasr site , Kerak, Jordan , An Ethno- Archaeological study. Journal of Historical Studies  Dr Atef Shiyab“(Dirasat Tarikhiyyah), Syrian Arab University, Damascus University,Volume: 107-10-8,Damascus University2009
26. Worship of the Nabataeans' god "Dusares" in Qasr al- Rabbah- Karak Governorate: an Analytical Comparative Study. , Dr atef ShiyabJournal of Faculty of Archeology,   Cairo Universityvolume, 16,.Cairo University 2012
The Effect of Function on the Selection of Raw Materials  and Manufacturing Technology of Byzantine  Pottery : A  Case Study of Qasr  ar- Rabbah , South  JordanAhmed  Al - Shorman And Atef shiyab Palestine Exploration Quarterly PEQ147, 1, 4-19UK 2015
Excavations at the archaeological Site of Umm Qais( GADARA), north  Jordan (Seasons 2013,2014)by Atef Shiyab and Ahmed Al-Shorman, Journal of Faculty of Archeology,   Cairo University, volume, 18, 2015.Atef shiyabJournal of Faculty of Archeology18Cairo University2015
The Effect of Function on the Selection of Raw Materials and Manufacturing Technology of Byzantine  Pottery : A  Case Study of Qasr  ar- Rabbah  Ahmed  Al - Shorman and Atef shiyab Palestine Exploration Quarterl 147Palestine Exploration Quarterl2015
   New Discoveries and Documentation of Megalithic Structures  in Juffain Dolmen  Archaeological Field, JordanAtef Shiyab Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, Vo.18, No 1.published  2018 April
Reconstruction of   Hellenistic  Temple   discovered  at Archaeological site of   Umm Qais ( GADARA),  North  Jordan ( Architectural  and Archaeological Study ) Atef Shiyab  Journal of Faculty of Archeology.   Cairo Universityvolume 20published/2017
Discovery of Hellenistic temple at Umm Qeis site "Gadara", in Northern Jordan, First resultAtef Shiyab , Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry ,volume 17, No2published2017
Authentication of Roman Corroded lead Artifacts from Archaeological Site in Calcareous Environment in Jordan by Electrochemical  AnalysisAtef   Shiyab  Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry,Vol.17, No.3.published2017
- Investigation of late Roman pottery from Gadara of the Decapolis, Jordan using multi-methodic approach by : Reports,.  Atef Shiyab and Others,Journal of archaeological science Volume 25  100-115( 2019)
The Central water Tunnel: A New Discovery at Umm Qais Archaeological site (Jordan)Atef   ShiyabMediterranean Archaeology and ArchaeometryVol.21, No2, (2021), pp.141-163.Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry2021