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I have two beautiful daughters named Saba and Ghena. ​Saba is my older daughter. Her name is Arabic. It means the refreshing gentle wind that comes from the east especially in the early summer mornings. This wind is known among Arab for its ability to evoke emotions, yearnings and nostalgia for the dearest things to our hearts, and poets have described it as one of the greatest feelings one can experience ever.

Saba has definitely gotten her share from her name’s meaning. She is truly the breeze that awakens my soul from everyday endless distractions from what really matters in life.
Ghena's name is also Arabic. It means wealth and abundance. It can also mean self-reliance and sufficiency. Ghena is the cutest, most lovable baby ever and honeslty I can't get enough of her. I hope she will grow up having the whole share of her name's meaning.

​Besides spending time with my family, I enjoy walking, biking, cooking and gardening. I love traveling, food, music and hi-tech gadgets.
Among all the things you might want to know about me, here is what you should know: I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking.
Positivity has a powerful transformative effect. Positivity cannot only transform people lives but also entire societies.Trust me.
Have you noticed that whenever new ideas are proposed or opportunities for improvement arise many will race to prove that “society” will not accept it, or that it is not going to work “here”?
Really? But who is the society?
I am the society. You are the society. We are the society. If we do not change, our society will not change.
I think the real problem “here” is our attitude towards problems. The majority is really good at brainstorming barriers, but are they as good at suggesting solutions?
We know that there are issues that need to be addressed. We know that our universities, research and development, incentives, society etc. are not perfect. We know that many of these issues are outside of our direct control.
But if we keep blaming, pointing fingers, and demanding instant solutions, we are willingly giving up our power to address the problems.
Let us stop hating and complaining. We need to learn how to own the problems that touch our lives so that we can do something about them.
If you feel the way I do, if you have it in you to fix and improve, if you want to make a difference, if you are willing to be positive now and all the way to the end: join our “Be Positive” movement and whenever an issue is raised, propose a solution that we can implement and “Koon Ejabi”.