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Research Title
22nd annual international conference on soil, sediment and waterUSA16/10/2006
Small column experiment to evaluate compost materials as filter media to remove colloidal particles
Aiman Q. Jaradat, Thomas M. Holsen, Stefan GrimbergPoster session
9th annual Symposium on Undergraduate Research ExperiencesUSA02/08/2007
Colloid Concentration Effect on Natural Media Filtration Efficiency
Sherri Cook,  Stefan Grimberg, Thomas Holsen, and Aiman Q. Jaradat Research
New  York  Environment  Association  (NYWEA),  Spring  Technical  Conference  and Exhibition, USAJune,  2007
Evaluation  of  Natural  Media  Filter  (NMF)  for  treatment  of  stormwater contaminated with hydrophobic organic compounds (HOCs)
Aiman Q. Jaradat, Thomas M. Holsen, Stefan GrimbergOral Presentation
Graduate seminar seriesUSAOct, 2006
colloidal transport through porous media
Aiman Q. Jaradat, Thomas M. Holsen, Stefan GrimbergOral Presentation
Graduate seminar seriesUSAMarch,2007
Modeling of colloids and colloid-associated contaminants in porous media
Aiman Q. Jaradat, Thomas M. Holsen, Stefan GrimbergOral Presentation
22nd Annual Nonpoint Source Pollution Conference of the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control CommissionUSA May 17-18, 2011
Evaluation of A Green Courtyard: Stormwater reduction and treatment at an Aluminum Refinery
Darshi Dissanayake, Thomas Holsen, Roger Nichols, Jaw Fu, Stefan Grimberg, and Aiman Q. Jaradat Oral Presentation
climatic change and its effectJordanMarch, 2009
water resourcesJordanApril, 2011
Energy challenges in JordanJordanApril, 2013
Management of olive mill wastewaterJordanNov.2014
International congress on energy and environment engineering and managementParis, FranceJUly, 2015
Production of a new biofuel from olive mill wastewater
Aiman Q. Jaradat and Sameh H. GharaibehOral Presentation
Medical Geology workshop Kuala-Lampur, MalaysiaDecember, 2003
The 8th international conference for Water resources and environmentIstanbul, TurkeyOct, 2015
Evaluation of condensate quality produced from olive mill wastewater

(OMW) by solar energy.
Sameh Gharaibeh and Aiman JaradatOral Presentation
International Conference on Geomechanics, Geo-energy and Geo-resourcesAustraliaSeptember, 2016
Derivation of scaling relationships for heat transfer in geothermal energy applications
Altarawneh, K., Buzzi, O., Sloan, S. W., Zaher, H. S. A., Gaudin, C., Jaradat, A. Q., Salem, Z. T. A., & Altarawneh, M. K.research paper
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Tokyo, Japan28-30 January 2021
Field Dielectric Sensor for Soil Pollution Application
Ismail R.; Dahim M.; Jaradat A.; Hatamleh R.; Telfah D.; Abuaddous M.; and Al-Mattarneh HResearch Paper