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Colloidal transport through natural filter mediaJaradat A.Q., Grimberg S.J., and Holsen T.M. Journal of Environmental Engineering 135 (7), 544-550ASCE2009
Transport of Colloids and Associated Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals through a Natural Media FilterJaradat A.Q.; Fowler K.; Grimberg S.J.; and Holsen T.M.Journal of Environmental Engineering 135 (1), 36-45ASCE2009
Treatment of Storm Water Containing Low Levels of PCBs Using Natural Media FiltrationJaradat A.Q., Fowler K., Grimberg S. J., Holsen T.M., and Ghosh R.S.ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE26 (4), 799-808Mary Ann Liebert2009
Optimum Operating Conditions for a Granular Activated Carbon Filter Treating Stormwater Containing Polychlorinated Biphenyls: Backwashing and Empty Bed Contact TimeJaradat A.Q.; Grimberg S.J.; Holsen T.M>; and Ghosh R. S.ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE27(5), 403-410Mary Ann Liebert2010
Five-years monitoring study of chemical characteristics of wet atmospheric precipitation in the southern region of JordanAl-Khashman O.A.; Jaradat A.Q.; and Salameh E. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment185 (7), 5715-5727Springer2013
Performance of a Green Courtyard System to Remove Contaminants from Stormwater: Modeling and Field InvestigationJaradat A.Q.; Holsen T.M.; Fu J.; Nichols R.; Grimberg S.J.ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE30 (9), 573-581Mary Ann Liebert2013
Evaluation of the potential use of municipal solid waste for recovery options: A case of Ma'an city, JordanJaradat A.Q.; and Al-Khashman O.A.Jordan Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences 5 (1), 9-15Hashemite University 2013
Assessment of groundwater quality and its suitability for drinking and agricultural uses in arid EnvironmentAl-Khashman O.A.; and Jaradat A.Q.Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment28 (3), 743-753Springer2014
Air pollution and economic growth in MENA countries: Testing EKC hypothesisAl-rawashdeh R.; Jaradat A. Q.; and Al-shboul M.Environmental research, engineering and management 4 (70)  54-65Kaunas University of technology2014
Obtaining a new source of biofuel from olive mill wastewater using solar energyGharaibeh S.; and Jaradat A.Q.Energy ecology and environmentRecently accepted for publicationSpringer2017
The application of solar distillation technique as a mean for olive mill wastewater managementJaradat A. Q. Gharaibeh S.; Abu Irjei MWater and Environment Journal32 (18), 134-140 Wiley2018
Optimum design parameters of solar still unit operating toward olive mill wastewater managemenJaradat A. Q.; Gharaibeh S.; and Altarawneh K.  Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering (JJCE)13 (1), 51-60JUST2019
Using a Dielectric Capacitance Cell to Determine the Dielectric Properties of Pure Sand Artificially Contaminated with Pb, Cd, Fe, and ZnDahim M., Abuaddous M., Ismail R., Al-Mattarneh H., Jaradat A.QApplied and Environmental Soil Science.Article ID 8838054 |
A coagulation-flocculation process combined with continuous adsorption using eggshell waste materials for phenols and PAHs removal from landfill leachateJaradat A. Q, Shtayat A. R., Sana'a Odat Environmental Engineering Research27(3):210133. Published online May 6, 2021Korean Society of Environmental Engineers2022
Heavy metals removal from landfill leachate by coagulation/flocculation process combined with continuous adsorption using eggshell waste materialsJaradat A. Q., Dua’a Telfah, and Rabah IsmailWater Science and Technology. 84 (12): 3817–3832IWA Publishing2021