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Colloidal transport through natural filter mediaJaradat A.Q., Grimberg S.J., and Holsen T.M. Journal of Environmental Engineering 135 (7), 544-550ASCE2009
Transport of Colloids and Associated Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals through a Natural Media FilterJaradat A.Q.; Fowler K.; Grimberg S.J.; and Holsen T.M.Journal of Environmental Engineering 135 (1), 36-45ASCE2009
Treatment of Storm Water Containing Low Levels of PCBs Using Natural Media FiltrationJaradat A.Q., Fowler K., Grimberg S. J., Holsen T.M., and Ghosh R.S.ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE26 (4), 799-808Mary Ann Liebert2009
Optimum Operating Conditions for a Granular Activated Carbon Filter Treating Stormwater Containing Polychlorinated Biphenyls: Backwashing and Empty Bed Contact TimeJaradat A.Q.; Grimberg S.J.; Holsen T.M>; and Ghosh R. S.ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE27(5), 403-410Mary Ann Liebert2010
Five-years monitoring study of chemical characteristics of wet atmospheric precipitation in the southern region of JordanAl-Khashman O.A.; Jaradat A.Q.; and Salameh E. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment185 (7), 5715-5727Springer2013
Performance of a Green Courtyard System to Remove Contaminants from Stormwater: Modeling and Field InvestigationJaradat A.Q.; Holsen T.M.; Fu J.; Nichols R.; Grimberg S.J.ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE30 (9), 573-581Mary Ann Liebert2013
Evaluation of the potential use of municipal solid waste for recovery options: A case of Ma'an city, JordanJaradat A.Q.; and Al-Khashman O.A.Jordan Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences 5 (1), 9-15Hashemite University 2013
Assessment of groundwater quality and its suitability for drinking and agricultural uses in arid EnvironmentAl-Khashman O.A.; and Jaradat A.Q.Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment28 (3), 743-753Springer2014
Air pollution and economic growth in MENA countries: Testing EKC hypothesisAl-rawashdeh R.; Jaradat A. Q.; and Al-shboul M.Environmental research, engineering and management 4 (70)  54-65Kaunas University of technology2014
Obtaining a new source of biofuel from olive mill wastewater using solar energyGharaibeh S.; and Jaradat A.Q.Energy ecology and environmentRecently accepted for publicationSpringer2017
The application of solar distillation technique as a mean for olive mill wastewater managementJaradat A. Q. Gharaibeh S.; Abu Irjei MWater and Environment Journal32 (18), 134-140 Wiley2018
Optimum design parameters of solar still unit operating toward olive mill wastewater managemenJaradat A. Q.; Gharaibeh S.; and Altarawneh K.  Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering (JJCE)13 (1), 51-60JUST2019
Using a Dielectric Capacitance Cell to Determine the Dielectric Properties of Pure Sand Artificially Contaminated with Pb, Cd, Fe, and ZnDahim M., Abuaddous M., Ismail R., Al-Mattarneh H., Jaradat A.QApplied and Environmental Soil Science.Article ID 8838054 |
A coagulation-flocculation process combined with continuous adsorption using eggshell waste materials for phenols and PAHs removal from landfill leachateJaradat A. Q, Shtayat A. R., Sana'a Odat Environmental Engineering Research27(3):210133. Published online May 6, 2021Korean Society of Environmental Engineers2021
Potential use of Eggshell waste materials for heavy metals removal from Landfill leachateJaradat A. Q., Dua’a Telfah, and Rabah IsmailWater Science and Technology. Under ReviewIWA Publishing2021