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Research Title
Power & Energy Society(PES)/General MeetingUSA31 July 2014
Use of a Wind Tunnel for Urban Wind Power Estimation
A. Al-Quraan, P. Pillay, T. StathopoulosPower and Energy Systems
International Civil Engineering for Sustainability and Resilience Conference (CESARE’14)Jordan24 April 2014
Estimation of Urban Wind Energy -Equiterre Building Case in Montreal
A. Al-Quraan, T. Stathopoulos, P. PillayPower and Energy Systems
International Conference on Renewable Energy Generation and Applications(ICREGA)UAE26-28 February 2018
Correlated Capacity Factor Strategy for Yield Maximization of Wind Turbine Energy
Ayman Al-Quraan, Hatem AlrawashdehPower and Energy Systems
Global Conference on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Desert Regions (GCREEDER 2018)Jordan3 -5 April  2018
On-Grid Solar Energy System - A Study case in Irbid
Mohammed AL-Mahmodi, Ayman Al-QuraanPower and Energy Systems