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Interpretability and Variabil- ity of Metamodel Validation Statistics in Engineering System Design Optimiza- tion: A Practical Study Husam Hamad, Awad Al-Zaben, Rami OweisInternational Journal of Simulation and Multidisci- plinary Design OptimizationAccepted
Heart rate variability while listening to Quran recitationA. Al-Zaben, H. Hamad, A. Alfahoum, and W. SaefanThe Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering(Accepted)
Telemetry Design of a Vital Sign Recording SystemAwad Al-Zaben , Saed N. Al-Refaie and Husam HamadJournal of Medical Systems36 (3) p.1059- 10632012
An integrated FM detectorA. Al-Zaben, and S. N. Al-RefaieAnalog Integrated Circuits and Signal ProcessingVolume 63, Issue 1 2010
Space partitioning in piecewise metamodeling: a graphical approachHusam Hamad, Sami Al-Hamdan, and Awad. Al-ZabenStructural and Multidisci- plinary OptimizationVolume 41, Number 32010
Spectral Investigations of In- traluminal Impedance SignalsA. Al-Zaben, N. Al-Zaatreh, and H. Al-QuranJournal of Medical Engineering & Technology2009