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Proper name subcategory: a prominent positionAziz Jaber, Osama OmariLanguage Sciences69, 113-124Pergamon2018
The domain of emphasis spread in Arabic: Evidence from Urban Jordanian ArabicAziz Jaber, Osama Omari, Rasheed Al-JarrahLingua222, 10-25North-Holland2019
Variation in the acoustic correlates of emphasis in Jordanian Arabic: Gender and social classOsama Omari, Aziz JaberFolia Linguistica53 Issue 1, Pages 169-200 De Gruyter Mouton2019
Reflections on Protolanguage: Evidence from Studies on Animal CommunicationAziz Jaber, Osama Omari, Mujdey AbudalbuJournal of Educational and Social ResearchVolume 11 Issue 1 Pages 113-1232021
Emphasis, manner, and voice in urban Jordanian Arabic: Linguistic and extralinguistic interactionsOsama Omari, Aziz JaberInternational Journal of Arabic-English Studies (IJAES)Volume 20 Issue 1 Pages 7-182020
Medial Tri-Consonantal clusters in Urban Jordanian ArabicHani Na’eem, Mujdey Abudalbuh, Aziz JaberJordan Journal of Modern Languages and LiteraturesVolume 12 Issue 1 Pages 45-562020