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Research Title
3rd International Biennale Artist BookAlexandria Library -Egypt22-26/4/2008
Book Artist - Concept
Bassam Al-Radaideh3D Book Artist
IV International Mediterranean Congress of AestheticsYarmouk University-Jordan22-25/6/2008
Beauty: Time and a Moment of Immortality
Bassam Al-RadaidehPaper
7th International Conference on the Arts in SocietyUSA23-25/7/2012
The Contribution of Art Museums to Art Education
Bassam Al-RadaidehPaper
France Viith Encounter of the Mediterranean Art SchoolsDamascus, SyriaMay 6th - 11th 2007
Teaching Art: Friendly Environment
Bassam Al-RadaidehPaper
Third Forum of the Cooperating SchoolsSultan Qaboos University - Oman24/9/2013
Towards an Effective Partnership
Bassam Al-RadaidehDesign