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College of Education Annual publication
Designing the college of Education Annual publication and the Book Reports, Sultan Qaboos University.
Design and Multimedia Programs
Evaluating the Design and Multimedia Programs for the College of Applied Science, Ministry of Higher Education, Muscat.
2nd  Academic Experts Art teachers
On the occasion of Excellence Implementation Program for the 2nd  Academic Experts Art teachers. Held in 19-30/1/2013. Continuing Education, Sultan Qaboos University.
Academic Accreditation Forum
The Omani Society for Fine Arts. Diwan of Royal Court, 25/11/2013.
Academic Accreditation Forum, 15-17/9/2013, Sultan Qaboos University.
Third Forum of the Cooperating Schools
Third Forum of the Cooperating Schools: Towards an Effective Partnership”, 24/9/2013, College of Education, Sultan Qaboos University
Graphic Design
On the Occasion of Designing Bank of questions in the Field of Graphic Design, Omani Studies Center, Masqat
20th Annual Exhibition of Fine Art 2012
20th Annual Exhibition of Fine Art 2012. Diwan of Royal Court, the Omani Society for Fine Arts, Muscat-Oman.
16th Youth Annual Exhibition 2012 Jury
16th Youth Annual Exhibition 2012 Jury. Diwan of Royal Court, the Omani Society for Fine Arts, Muscat-Oman.
 Fashion Design
Scientific College of Design for Evaluating Fashion Design Program. Masqat – Oman.
Educational Training
General Directorate of Educational Training, Ministry of Education, Muscat-Oman. 
Yarmouk University Main Gate
Designing Yarmouk University Main Gate. Jordan
Best Artists Book,
Best Artists Book, 3rd International Biennale Artist Book. Alexandria Library, Egypt.
One of the best 15 instructors
One of the best 15 instructors for the year 2014 in the university evaluation at Sultan Qaboos University level.
Education Conceptual Framework
Designing the college of Education Conceptual Framework and many other Accreditation Works, Sultan Qaboos University.
Solo Exhibition
Yarmouk University on the occasion of the establishment a personal exhibition specifically for Irbid as a Jordan's city of culture for the year 2007.
Training session workshops
Presenter: Training session workshops from 19th -23/1/2013. Center for Continuing Education. Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.
Loyalty and Gratitude Pages
Designer "Loyalty and Gratitude Pages" and a member of the Executive Committee book. Sultan Qaboos University.
Art Application
Presenter: Art Application in Fine Arts for Art Education art teacher, 3-14/12/ 2012. Musqat-Oman.
Model-making workshop
Finishing and model-making workshop,  Ahlia University, Bahrain
Papermaking workshop
Handcrafts: 2d/3d papermaking workshop,  Ahlia University, Bahrain
5th International drama/music conference and Fine art festival. Jordan.
Cartoon Media art Symposium
Head of Cartoon Media art Symposium. The first youth media forum. 7, April, 2008. Radisson Sass, Jordan.
Book- bookbinding
3rd International Biennale Artist Book- bookbinding. 22/4/2008, Alexandria Library, Egypt.
Digital arts workshop
Digital arts workshop. University of Jordan, College of Art and Design, Jordan
Papermaking and Book binding workshop
Papermaking and Book binding workshop, College of Fine Art, Yarmouk Univ.-Jordan
JICA workshop
Higher education, JICA workshop, Ministry of planning, Jordan
Contemporary polyester art plate
Contemporary polyester art plate, by George Roberts, Dept. of Arts, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho, USA
International summer ImagOn workshop
International summer ImagOn workshop by Prof.  Keith Howard, Canadian School for Contemporary Graphic Arts, Alberta-Canada.  
International Conference on Early Childhood
Organizing Committee Member, International Conference on Early Childhood, 16-18/2/2014, College of Education, Sultan Qaboos University.
Jury Member of Fine Arts Competition
Jury Member of Fine Arts Competition, Ministry of Sports, Muscat
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