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​​Dr. Bassam Al-Radaideh  holds a doctoral degree in art and design education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagain, USA, and he has a master's degree (MFA) with distinction and honors in Fine Arts and Design from Academy of Art University at San Francesco USA, in addition to the BFA in graphic arts from Damascus University. Currently, he is associate professor at Yarmouk University since 1999. In 1993, he received a scholarship from Yarmouk University and he fished his graduate studies from USA. Dr. Radaideh has served five years as Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, director of Jordanian Design Center and the head of the Department of Fine Arts at Yarmouk University. Dr. Al-Radaideh also served as associate professor at Sultan Qaboos University – Oman from 2011 to 2015, and at Ahlia University – Bahrain from 2009-2011, and apart time lecturer in the Jordan University since 2004. He is also published a number of international art and design education researches, and has a number of art exhibitions inside/outside Jordan, (Chicago, San Francesco, Alberta-Canada, Idaho, Los Angeles, Urbana, Berkeley, Champagain, Egypt, Jordan and Syria). He participates in numerous art associations and academic memberships. He received a number of awards and certificates, such as the Academy of Art University prize, Graduate Award for Academic Excellence, competitive contest for Illinois artists-Engineering Museum, and the winner of artist book, titled "Why," in the 3rd International Biennale Artist Book, where it was among the best international creations at the Library of Alexandria in 2008. He was also one of the best 15 instructors in the 2014 Sultan Qaboos University Academic evaluation. Dr. Al- Radaideh chaired and participated in many of art jury and supervised a number of masters of fine arts dissertations, graphic arts and design graduation projects as well as holding a number of scientific and art workshops inside and outside Jordan. He is also a membership in Mid America Graphic Arts Council, and Illinois Universities Alumni Association.