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Synthesis and evaluation of 2,4,5-trisubstitutedthiazoles as carbonic anhydrase-III inhibitorsBilal A. Al-Jaidi, Pran Kisure Deb, Soha Taher Telfah, Abdel Naser Dakkah, Yazan A. Bataineh, Qutaiba Ahmed Al Khames Aga, Mohammad A. Al-dhoun, Ala Ali Al-Subaihi, Haifa'a Marouf Odetallah, Sanaa K. Bardaweel, Enzyme inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry 35Taylor and Francis2020
Cytotoxiciy and Anti-mycobacterial Properties of pyrolo[1,2-a]quinoline derivatives:Target identification and molecular docking Katharigatta N. Venugopala et al. Antibiotics9: 2-14MDPI2020
Bioequivalence and pharmacokinetic evaluation of two batches of Cephalexin capsules in health volunteersYazan A. Bataineh, Qutaiba Ahmed Al Khames Aga, Bilal A Al-Jaidi at al. J. Pharm. Sci. & Res12: 119-123PharmaInfo Publications 2020
Synthesis and anthelmintic activity of some novel (E) - 2-methyl /propyl-4 - (substitutedbenzylidene) hydrazinyl)-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrobenzo[4,5] thieno [2,3-d] pyrimidines Satya Sri Chitikina et al. Med chem ResSpringer Birkhauser2020
Anticancer Activity and In silico ADMET Properties of 2,4,5- Trisubstitutedthiazole DerivativesBilal A. Al-Jaidi, Soha Taher Telfah, Sanaa K. Bardaweel, Pran Kishore Deb, Pobitra Borah, Katharigatta N. Venugopala, Yazan A. Bataineh and Qutaiba Ahmed Al Khames AgaCurrent Drug Metabolism 22: 532-536Bentham science2021
A Guide for Estimating the Maximum Safe Starting Dose  and Conversion it between Animals and HumansMohamed J. Saadh, Mansour Haddad, Moeen F. Dababneh, Mohammad F. Bayan, Bilal A. Al-JaidiSystematic Reviews in Pharmacy11: 98-1012020
Efficacy and Safety of Canagliflozin Compared to Sitagliptin and  Glimepride as Add- on Therapy in T2DMYazan A. Bataineh, Qutaiba Ahmed Al-Khames Aga, Hayder Abdulhafedh  Kurji , Mohammed Khudair Hasan, Bilal Ali Al- Jaidi , Hashem Mahmoud Al-Shorman , Rafeef Raad FaisalJournal of Global Pharma Technology11: 758-7682019
Prevalence and types of genetic polymorphisms  of CYP2C19 and their effects on platelet  aggregation inhibition by clopidogrelQ.A.A. AGA, M.K. HASAN, K.F. NASSIR, L.A.A. AGA, B.A. AL-JAIDI,  M. ALDHOUN, M.A. MORSY, A.B. NAIREuropean Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences24: 11286-112942020
Perinatal depression.  Prevalence, suicidal idea, and associated factorsQutaiba Ahmed Al Khames Aga , Yazan A. Bataineh, Mohammad J. Saadeh, Najlaa Saadi Ismael, Hayder  Abdulhafedh Kurji, Bilal Ali Al- Jaidi, Sreeharsha Nagaraja, Mahesh AttimaradJ. Pharm. Sci. & Res12: 112-1182020