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Distributed Multimedia and Standard Databases and their Applications.
Multimedia Applications in Various Fields
Multimedia Data Security and Compression
Multimedia Infromation Systems: Issues, Discussions of Various Implementations with Visual Concepts
Multimedia E-BOOKS: Concepts, Advantages, Disadvantages and Their Impacts
Application of multi-media database system in detection and expectation of groundwater quality degradation: A case study -North Jordan
Multimedia Database Systems In Practical Applications.
Multi-mediaa and library systems - organizations and architectures.
نظام قواعد بيانات متعددة الوسائط في التعليم والتدريب
Application of databases in discrete simulation data modeling
On relational multi-media systems- A survey
Handling Multimedia Objects in Medicine Using MDMDMS
Multi-Media Databases in Earth  Sciences
Handling Visual Objects Using Relations in A Distributed Multi-Media Database Management System
Ciphering Algorithms
A Performance Comparison of Ciphering Algorithms with the sWIFI Algorithm
Multimedia Data and Systems Secuirity.
Processing of Arabic Texts.
Keyword Extraction Based on Word Co-Occurrence Statistical Information for Arabic Text
Improving of source codes using software metrics
Study the Impact of Improving Source Code on Software Metrics
Teaching of Software Engineering
Improving Understandability In Teachig of Software Engineerig And Connectivity With The Industry
Object Relational Databases
Automating the Collection of Object Relational Database Matrix
Encryption Mechanisms for Multimedia Data
A New Approach For Enhancing Encryption Mechanisms for Multimedia Data
Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse Quality Fundamentals and Related Issues
Data Warehouse Maintenance
Data Warehousing Political Issues
Data Warehousing Past, Present and Future
Data Mining Query Language(DMQL)
A Survey of Data Mining Query Language(DMQL) for Multimedia Databases
Object-Oriented Multi-Media
Object-Oriented Multi-Media: Definitions, Importance, Usages, Technological Components, Benefits and Constraints
Knowledge based multimedia DBMS schema architecture.
Development of a Knowledge based multimedia DBMS schema architecture.
Expert Systems
Development of An Expert System – An Information Science Approach
Multi-Media Current and Future  Directions
Multi-Media Current and Future  Directions
Communication Networks
Multimedia Systems And Modern Communication Networks
Relational databases
A Three-Phase discrete Event Simulation Based on a Relational database
Database Management System Architecture
Knowledge Based Multi-Media  Database Management System Architecture
Human-Computer Interfaces
A Design of an Interactive Human-Computer Interface
Distributed Database Management Systems
A Distributed Multi-Media Database Management System.
Computer Uses In Organizations
Computer and how it is used in various organizations.
Multi-Media Data Systems
Multi-Media Data Systems
Computer Viruses
Definiton, causes, cures and types.