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Charge Transfer Complexes Between C60 and Some Amines”,.Hajar Tarabsheh  Chemistry  prof. S. Mizyed 2006Published
 “Synthesis of  New Schiff  Bases Crown Ethers”,     Yaser Athamneh Chemistryprof. S. Mizyed2006.Not Published
“A Thermodynamic Study of the Complexation Between C60 and Some Calix[4]crown ethers” ,     Elita Al-Jarrah Chemistryprof. S. Mizyed2006 Published
 “A Thermodynamic Study of the Complexation Between C60 and Some Crown ethers”Enas Qarqas  Chemistryprof. S. Mizyed2006.Published
Synthesis of  New Schiff  Bases Crown Ethers from Aromatic Diamines and Study their Complexes with C60"Rana Kiwan Chemistryprof. S. Mizyed2008 Published
" A Thermodynamic Study between Viologens and Macrocycle Molecules" Mhd. Shehab Chemistryprof. S. Mizyed2009Published
 "Lower Rim Derivativesof tert-butylcalix[4]arene their Complexes " Ayat Foudeh   Chemistry prof. S. Mizyed2009 Published
Synthesis of New Schiff-Base Crown Ethers Derived from Xylyl Dibromide and their complexation”   Tala Al-Quran     Chemistry  prof. S. Mizyed2010Not Published
"Synthesis and characterization of New Schiff-Base crown ethers derived from salicylaldehyde and their complexation,    En'am Husien  Chemistryprof. S. Mizyed2012Not Published
Complexation and Thermodymamic Study of Schiff base Crown ethers with transition Metal Ions"    Salima Abbaja Chemistry prof. S. Mizyed2012Not Published