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"English Teaching and Learning Experiences in Jordan: Attitudes and Views".Dina Al-JamalUmm Al-Qura University Journal of Education & Social Sciences & HumantiesVolume & Number: 19-no.1.On page(s): 28-55 Umm Al-Qura University -SAUDI ARABIA/MADINA-Print ISBN: 1-9966-03-708-32007
"The Impact of Peer Response in Enhancing Ninth Grader's Writing Skill"Dina Al-JamalUmm Al-Qura University Journal of Education & Social Sciences & Humanties. Volume & Number:21-no.1.On page(s): 12-40Umm Al-Qura University Journal of Education & Social Sciences & Humanties. SAUDI ARABIA/MADINA-Print ISBN: 1-9966-03-708-32009
. The Language Learning Listening Strategies of EFL Students in the Jordanian Context.Dina Al-JamalJordan Journal of Educational SciencesVolume 3 & Number 2. On page(s): 183-192 YARMOUK UNIVERSITY-Print ISBN: 1814-94802007
The Effect of Computer Chatting on Developing Tenth Graders' Reading and Writing SkillsDina Al-Jamal & Ziyad ObaidatJournal of Educational & Psychological SciencesVolume & Number: 9-no.4.On page(s): 11-34 UNIVERSITY OF BAHRAIN-Print ISBN: 1726-3670 2008
Student Teachers' Subject and Professional Knowledge at Jordanian Universities.Mahir Al-Hawamleh & Dina Al-JamalUniversity of Science and Technology Journalvolume1 and number 1.On page(s): 11-34 University of Science and Technology/ Republic of  Yemen2008
Students’ Educational Beliefs about English Language Learning in Jordanian ContextDina Al-Jamal & Ghadeer Al-JamalMu’tah Lil-buhuth was- DirasatVolume and number 26: 4.on pages 25-48Mu'tah University/Jordan/Karak/ISBN:1021-68042011
Computer - mediated instruction and cognitive skills in Jordan: an empirical studyMahir Al-Hawamleh & Dina  Al-JamalAl-Manarah  for Research and Studies2Al  al-Bayt University.ISBN: 1026-68442013
Mathematical Problem Solving Strategies in Plain EnglishDina A. Al-Jamal1 & Ruba M. MiqdadiJournal of Education and PracticeVol.4, No.11, 2013The International Institute for Science. ISSN 2222-1735 (Paper) ISSN 2222-288X (Online)2013
An Assessment of Reading Comprehension Practice in JordanDina Al-Jamal, Mahir Al-Hawamleh and Ghadeer Al-JamalJordan Journal of Educatioal Sciencesvol. 9 , no. 3; pp.105-116.Yarmouk University:ISBN:1814-98402013
Thinking Green: Analyzing EFL Textbooks in Light of Ecological Education ThemesAl-Jamal, D. & Al-Omari, WJournal of Education and Practice5(14): 151-158.Journal of Education and Practice2014
An Investigation of the Difficulties Faced by EFL Undergraduates inDina A. Al-Jamal1 & Ghadeer A. Al-Jamal2English Language Teachingvol.7; Num.1;pp.19-27Canadian Center of Science and Education2014
Difficulties in Content and Language Integrated LearningRuba Miqdadi *, Dina Al-Jamal*Jordan Journal of Educational Sciencesvol.9; num.4; pp.449-459Yarmouk University2013
The Relation between Omani Students' Perceptions of the Writing Strategies and their Writing Performance.Juma, B, J and  A Al-Jamal"Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies: JEP".9 (4): 645-659Sultan Qaboos University2015
The role of global citizenship values in education: The‎ case of secondary stage EFL textbooks in JordanAl-Jamal; D. and  Al-Refae'e, A. Al-Manarah22 (4/D): 427-450Al al-Bayt University. 2016
An  imaginative approach to teaching grammar. Emjawer, S. and Al-Jamal,  D. Journal of Educational Sciences28 (1): 183-202. King Saud University.2016
Students' fossilized writing errors: EFL postgraduates at Jordanian universities as a model. Dina A. Al-Jamal"Journal of Al-Quds Open University for Research and Studies". 19 (part 6): 1-17Journal of Al-Quds Open University2017
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Text structure and its teaching implications: An analytical study. Hamameh, A. ; Al-Jamal, D; & Baniabdelrahman,  A. Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) 9 (1): 365-387.AWEJ2018
Gender and EFL writing: Does WhatsApp make a difference?Bataineh, F., R.; Hamad, F. R.; and Al-Jamal, D. Teaching English with Technology18 (2) :21-33Teaching English with Technology2018
UNRWA in-service EFL teachers' perceptions of the application of TPACK in teaching listening and speakingAl-Najjar, H. & Al-Jamal,  DThe Islamic University of GazaVol 27, No 02The Islamic University of Gaza2019
The role of linguistic clues in Medical students' reading comprehension.Al- Al-Jamal, D. 'Psychology Research and Behavior Management1Dove Press2018
Effect of blended learning on EFL eighth grade EFL students' writing performance in AmmanAllala, M.; Al-Jamal, D; & Baniabdelrahman,  A"The Islamic University of Gaza l 27 (4"The Islamic University of Gaza2019
Workplace language needs: Faculty of science as an example. Al-Jamal, D Dirasat:  Educational Sciencesin pressuniversity of Jordan2019
Students’ perceptions of their native and non-native teachers’ effect on their oral fluency: EFL context as an exampleHadj Said, M.& Al-Jamal, DAl-Ather Journal, Algeria.30Revue universitaire en lettres et langues édité par l'université Kasdi Merbah Ouargla 2018
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Evaluating cognitive,metacognitive and social listening comprehensipnAsma F. T. Al-Azzemy, Dina A. H. Al-Jamal∗Heliyon e01264.Elsevier2019
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