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e.d 692 discourse anlysis
This course aims at providing students with the necessary information and skills that enable them to look into the English utterance beyond the sentence level in both spoken and written context, and those that enable them to analyze discourse in the light of the models and theories that investigate discourse in both its formal and textual contexts. These skills should help the students see what impact meaning has on the utterance in terms of its social and textual contexts. Eventually, this will help students speak and write the language in a way that best represents its social implications as they occur in the real- life situations.
2011; 2013
ed.651 : Research Methods in EFL
ED. 651 introduces English teachers to the fundamentals of theory and practice for conducting research and deepens and extends the knowledge, skills, and dispositions gained in TEFL courses. Class sessions,reading/writing assignments and required fieldwork in both courses emphasize current issues and recent developments in curriculum and methodology in the teaching of English as a foreign language.
Ed. 615 Theories of EFL
This course provides students with a grounding in Theories and Methodologies of Teaching English as a Foreign Language and the acquiring of assessment skills; it also provides the necessary skills to prepare and deliver courses in English as a Foreign Language and to design assessment tools and practices.
ed.654 Evaluation in EFL
Understanding of the scientific method through research requirements and in-depth case studies;introducing theoretical approaches of evaluation and assessment
e.d 415mhods of teaching English (1)