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the effect of using critical thinking teaching strategy on the critical thinking of female 10th graders in JordanSokaina Ibrahim Al-MohammedEFLNA2009Not Published
an investigating of avoidance behavior of phrasal verbs: the case of EFL learners at Mu'tah UniversityRa'eda A-GarallehEFLNA2010Not Published
The effect of using drama technique on the reading comprehension achievement of first secondary female students in Al-Ghour directorate of educationNesreen Al-Ja'afrehEFLNA2010Not Published
the effect of community language learning method on the achievement of the female tenth gradersHala KamelEFLNA2007Published
the impact of computer chatting on the achievement of tenth grade student's reading and writing skills in EnglishZiyad ObaidatEFLNA2006Published
an investigating of Jordanian EFL teachers' perspectives towards the effectiveness of using ICT IN English lanuage classroomMa'in Al-HonaifatEFLNA2009Not Published
English Language General Secondary Certificate Examination Washback in Jordan'Nedal GhadyEFLNA2009Published
Critical thinking skills in social studies’ instruction: secondary teachers’ viewpointBARAK, Nemrsocial studiesNA2012Not Published
An Evaluation of First Middle Class ‘Modified’ Jurisprudence Textbook from Teachers’ Perspective in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Al-BlowyIslamic educationN/A2012Published
Performance-Based Assessment in Saudi Schools: An Observational studyFahd Al-SharariEFLNA2013Not Published
AttachmentInvolving Parents in CALL: An Empirical StudyMubarak Al-SharariEFLN/A2013Published
A Comparative Study of Apology Discourse Expressions of Native and Non-Native Speakers of English in the Universities of Saudi ArabiaAl-Sharari , Abdullah Nazal Samed EFLAl-jamal, Dina2013Published
An Investigation of the Effectiveness of the Imaginative Approach on EFL Tenth Grade Students' Achievement in Grammar in JordaEmjawer , Sumaya Mohammed HamzaEFLAl-jamal, Dina2014Published
nvestigation of Communication Strategies Used by EFL Tenth Grade Teachers and their StudentsAl-Qharaibeh , Sara'a Faeq EFLAl-jamal, Dina2015Published
An Investigation of the Effect of an Islamic Cultural Content on Seventh Grade Students` Achievement and their Motivation in English LanguageAlmaithalony , Arwa AbdullateefEFLAl-jamal, Dina205Not Published
The Effect of Digital Storytelling on EFL Second Intermediate Student's Reading Skills in Saudi ArabiaAlshrari , Atif Fahad N.EFLAl-jamal, Dina2015Not Published
The effect of using jolly phonics on Jordanian first grade pupils’ reading and writingNasrawi, Abeer \ EFLAl-jamal, Dina2016Published
Students’ perceptions of their native and non-native teachers’Hadj Said, MohammadEFLAl-jamal, Dina2016Published
The Effect of Mind Mapping and Graphic Organizers Strategies on Jordanian Eleventh Grade Students’ Writing PerformanceAl-Zyoud, AlyEFLAl-Jamal , Dina/ Baniabdalrahman, Abdallah2016Published
An Evaluation of the Cultural Content of Algerian Secondary EFL Textbooks: Content Analysis and Teachers' PracticesZennou, BilalEFLAl-jamal, Dina2017Published
A content analysis of the text structures of the reading passages in secondary stage EFL textbooks, teachers classroom practices and guidelines for instructionAammah, AllaEFLAl-Jamal , Dina/ Baniabdalrahman, Abdallah2018Published
The effect of blended learning on EFL eighth grade EFL students' writing performance in Amman.Allala, mervatEFLAl-Jamal , Dina/ Baniabdalrahman, Abdallah2018Published
The effect of drama-based instructional program on EFL Jordanian learners' listening and speaking performanceAl-Jaafreh, NesreenEFLAl-jamal, Dina2018Published
The Effect of Using TPACK on Improving Jordanian In-Service EFL Teachers’ Practices and their Tenth Grade Students’ Performance in Listening and SpeakingAl-Najjar, HyiamEFLAl-jamal, Dina2018Published
The Effect of Using WhatsApp on Jordanian EFL Students' Writing Performance and their Attitude towards itAl-Hamad, Fayez, RaghdaEFLBataineh, Fahmi, Ruba \ Al-Jamal, Dina2018Published