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Research Title
The 12th Conference of Arab leg of colleges of Phaarmacy,Jordan2-5th Oct. 2012
1. Recent Advances in Pharmaceutical Coating: Solventless  Coating Technology
Presentation, oral
The 5th International Conference of the Royal Medical Services,Jordan3-6 May, 2010
2. Interaction of Metoprolol Succinate with coating Materials in MR tablets
Amman,  .
D.M. OmariPresentation
2nd European Meeting on Controlled Release Drug Deliver SystemThe NetherlandsMay 1997.
6. Interaction of Eudragit Polymer with Diclofenac Sodium in solid dosage forms.
Omari, D and Sallam, A.Poster
4th congress on Innovation in Drug Delivery  Antibes, France25-28th Sep, 2016.
Formulation and Invitro/Invivo Evaluation of Esomeprazole enteric coated Minitablets,
Derar OmariPoster
Pharma meddle east Conference Dubai, UAE2-5 Nov 2015
Supergenerics: Esomeprazole as a model.
Derar OmariOral Presentation
Drug Deliver and Pharmaceutics London/GB3/2018
Brittle crystalline modafinil particles for oral drug delivery
Derar OmariOral Presentation
Effect of ultrasound and Microwaves ob modafinil solubility for oral administration
Derar Omari and Assayed SallamPoster