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A chiral separation strategy for acidic drugs in capillary electrochromatography using both chlorinated and nonchlorinated polysaccharide‐based selectorsDima Albals, A. Hendrickx, L. Clincke, B. Chankvetadze, Y. Vander Heyden, D. MangelingsElectrophoresis35 (19)  2807-2818Elsevier(2014)
Chiral separation of cathinone- and amphetamine derivatives: Comparative study between capillary electrochromatography, supercritical fluid chromatography and three liquid chromatographic modesDima Albals, Y. Vander Heyden, M.G. Schmid, B. Chankvetadze, D. Mangelings, Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis121: 232-243.‏Elsevier(2016)
Retrospective assessment of acute poisoning incidents by nonpharmaceutical agents in Jordan: Data from Pharmacy One™ Poison Call Center, 2014 to 2018—Part I‏ ‏ Dima Albals, A. Yehya, R. Issa, A. FawadlehPharmacology Research & Perspectives 8 (2), e00582Wiley.com2020/4
Retrospective assessment of acute poisoning incidents by pharmaceutical agents in Jordan: Data from Pharmacy One™ Poison Call Center, 2014 to 2018—Part IIA.Yehya, Dima Albals, R. Issa, A. FawadlehPharmacology Research & Perspectives8 (2), e00583Wiley.com2020/4
The Effect of Nail Lacquer on Taxane-Induced Nail Changes in Women With Breast CancerO. Alshari, ....., Dima AlbalsBreast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research(14), 1178223420929702SAGE Publications2020/6
Multi-Element Determination of Essential and Toxic Metals In Green and Roasted Coffee Beans: A Comparative Study among Different Origins Using ICP-MS.Dima Albals. et. al Science Progress104(2), 1-17SAGE2021/6
Psychoactive Substances Use in Jordan: Descriptive Study of Data from Anti-Narcotic Department (AND): 2014-2018. Dima Albals. et. alJournal of Substance UseTaylor and Francis2021/6
Assessment of lifestyle, herbs, dietary and pharmacological preventive measures used among the public in Jordan to boost immunity during COVID-19 pandemic 2Reem Issa, Dima Albals, Ala Yehya, Fayez ShriedhTropical Journal of Pharmaceutical ResearchVol. 20 No. 9 (2021)Pharmacotherapy Group, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Benin, Benin City, 300001 Nigeria. 2021
Quantification of Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid in Green and Roasted Coffee Samples Using HPLC-DAD and Evaluation of the Effect of Degree of Roasting on Their LevelsShady Awwad,Reem Issa,Lilian Alnsour,Dima Albals, Idrees Al-MomaniMolecules 26(24), 7502MDPI2021
Evaluating the Prognostic Role of Monocytopenia in Chemotherapy-Induced Febrile Neutropenia Patients Treated with Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating FactorOsama Alshari, Yazan O Al Zu’bi, Ahmed H Al Sharie, Farouk H Wafai, Abdelwahab J Aleshawi, Farah H Atawneh,Hasan A Obeidat, Majd N Daoud, Mohammad Z Khrais, Dima Albals, and Faize TubaishatTherapeutics and Clinical Risk Management (17) 963–973DovePress2021
Quantification of Total Phenols and Antioxidants in Coffee Samples of Different Origins and Evaluation of the Effect of Degree of Roasting on Their LevelsLilian Alnsour,Reem Issa ,Shady Awwad,Dima Albals andIdrees Al-MomaniMolecules27(5) 1591MDPI2022