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Research Title
Association for Childhood Education International Annual (ACEI)Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 2010, May
Taming the Lion: Practical Strategies for Freeing Preschools from Aggression.
Poster presented at the annual meeting
Midsouth Reading and Writing instituteBirmingham, AL, USA2010, June
Where are you in your neighborhood?
Witerspoon,T., Bond, P., Pruett, E., Hoomes, Grace
the annual OMEP International meetingAnaheim, CA, USA2010, October
Getting Ready For School: Preparing Children for Reading and Writing.
The 22nd International Annual Society of Informational Technology for Teacher Education Conference (SITE)Nashville, TN, USA.March, 2011
Technological strategies highlighting progressive women educators for teacher education: A Symposium.
Christensen, L.M., Daniel, A. L.,Hoomes, G., Pruett, E., Witherspoon, T., Whetstone, M
Association for Childhood Education International Annual (ACEI)New Orleans, Lo, USA.2011, May
Children’s Rights to Education in Jordan and Kenya: A Cross Cultural Study.
Jepkemboi, G.Research forum
Midsouth Reading and Writing institute,  Birmingham, AL, USA.2011, June
Jordanian Women and Education
OMEP International meeting Daniel, A. Whtestone, M., Christensen, L. 2011. Nov
Developing Development About Diversity Of Comunities And Citizenry: Putting Play Back Into Early Childhood Practice
annual OMEP International meeting. Atlanta, GA, USA.  2012. Nov
International Children’s Views of Identity: Children’s Accounts about the History of Their Names.
Christensen, L
London International Conference on Education (LICE).U.KNovember, 2014
Together for children: help the refugee children to live and grow.
Rababah, Ebtesam