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• Alternative Tourism
English for Tourism and Hospitality
• English for Tourism and  Travel (level 1+2)
• English Language for Hotel Management
Cross-Cultural Communication
Communication Skills in Tourism
• Introduction to Conservation and Management of  Cultural Resource
Jordan's contribution to human civilization
• Graduation Project
• Introduction to International Tourism Industry
Managing Cultural Heritage Sites
• Museology
• Presentation and Interpretation of Tourism Sites
• Research Methods for Tourism and Hospitality
• Special Topics in Tour guidance
Tourism in Jordan
• Tourism Ethics and Legislation
• Tourism in Jordan
• Tourism Legislation and Ethics
• Tourism and Local Community
• Tourism and Hospitality Culture
• Managing Touristic Sites
• Tourism Services
• Special Topics in Tourism
• Museology
• Development of Sustainable Tourism
• Field Training
Etiquette in Tourism and Hospitality
Undergraduate course
Aviation Management
Tourism Marketing
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