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An Innovative Information Hiding Technique Utilizing Cumulative Peak Histogram RegionsF. Al-Omari, O. Al-Khaleel, G. Rayyashi, and S. GhwanmehJournal of Systems and Information Technology14(3):246-2632012
An Intelligent Decision Support System for Quantitative Assessment of Gastric Atrophy ", F. Al-Omari, I. Matalka, , M. Al-Jarrah, F. Obeidat, and F. Kanaan, " J. Clinical  Pathology64:330-3372011
The taper of cast post preparation measured using innovative image processing technique  K. Q. Al Hamad, F. A. Al-Omari, and A. S. Al HyiasatBMC Oral Health 10:192010
Enhancing Large Image Database Indexing and Retrieval Performance through Integrating Database Structure with Image Features  M. Al-Jarrah, and F. Al-OmariInt. J. of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications9(1) 15-332010
Hierarchal Spatio-color Image Indexing and Retrieval Based on a Stochastic Model", F. A. Al-Omari, M. A. Al-Jarrah, and M. M. OmariProc. Of 12th Int. Conference on Computer Modelling and Simulation, Cambridge, UK, pp. 239-2422010
Development of a CAD/CAM System for Simulating Closed Forging Process Using Finite Element MethodF. Al-Omari, M. Al-Jarrah, M. Omari, and M. HayajnehInt. J. for Computer-Aided Engineering and Software26(3) 302-3122009
Image-Mapped Data Clustering: An Efficient Technique for Clustering Large Data SetsF. Al-Omari, N. Al-Fayoumi, and M. Al-JarrahInt . J. Intelligent Data Analysis12(6), 573-5862008
Image-Based Discriminating Morphological Features for Gastric Atrophy Assessment: A Step to Go FurtherI. Matalka, F. Al-Omari, M. Al-Jarrah, F. Obeidat, and F. KanaanInt. J. Pathology Research and PracticeVol.  204, 235-2402008