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Fabrication and Characterization of Fe100-xNix Nanoparticles in the Invar RegionF. H. Rawwagah, A-F. Lehlooh, S. H. Mahmood, S. Mahmoud, A-R. El-Ali, M. R. Said, I. Odeh and I. Abu-aljarayeshJordan Journal of PhysicsVol. 5, no. 1, Page 92012
Bose–Einstein condensation and heat capacity of spin-polarized atomic hydrogenSugheir, A.S. Sandouqa, B.R. Joudeh, S. Al-Omari, M. Awawdeh, F. RawwagahPhysica B: Physics of Condensed MatterVol. 405, Issue 9, Page 21712010
Chaotic dynamics of gain modulated YAG ring laserFuad Rawwagah and Surendra SinghCoherence and Quantum Optics IX, Eds. N. P. Bigelow, J. H. Eberly, and C. R. Stroud Page 412American Institute of Physics2008
Synchronized and unsynchronized chaos in a modulated bidirectional ring laserF. Rawwagah, Baolong Lu, and Surendra SinghPhys. Rev. AVol. 75, Page 0438112007
Nonlinear dynamics of a modulated bidirectional solid-state ring laserF. Rawwagah and Surendra SinghJ. Opt. Soc. Am. B Vol. 23, Issue 9, Page 17852006
Measurements of intensity fluctuations in a laser with a saturable absorberMortazavi M., Rawwagah F., Singh S.Phys. Rev. AVol. 65, Page 0258032002
Numerical calculation of the temperature variation of the optical anisotropy in magnetic fluidsJ. Shobaki, F. Rawwagah, I. Abu-Aljarayesh, N A.YusufJ. Magn. Mag. Matt. Vol. 159, Page 3671996
Numerical calculation of the magneto-dielectric anisotropy effect in magnetic fluidsS. Musameh, F. Rawwagah, N.A.YusufPhysical Review BVol. 51, no. 18, Page 130631996
Mössbauer Spectroscopy of Fe-Ni AlloysS.H. Mahmood, F. Rawwagah, A. Lehlooh, S. Abhath Al-Yarmouk Vol. 4, 1-B, Page 611995
Mössbauer spectroscopy study of Y-type Hexaferrite (Ba2Co2Fe12O22) prepared by the co-precipitation methodAbdel-Fatah Lehlooh, Reham Alghazo, Fuad Rawwagah, Ayman Hammoudeh, Sami Mahmood Hyperfine Interactions241, 12Springer Nature Switzerland AG 20192020
Coupling of upper hybrid surface plasmon modes in magnetoplasma waveguide structureF. RawwagahJordan Journal of PhysicsAccepted July 2020
Collisional and resonance absorption of electromagnetic waves in a weakly collisional, inhomogeneous magnetoplasma slabF. Rawwagah, M. Al-Ali, A. Al-Khateeb, M. Bawa'anehAdvanced ElectromagneticsVol. 9, No. 2, (25-30)2020
On the dispersion characteristics of slow waves supported by the waveguide configuration of a dielectric sandwiched between two plasma slabsE. Yasin, A. AlKhateeb, F. Rawwagah, A. AbuzirAdvanced ElectromagneticsVol. 9, No. 1, (95-99)2020