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General Physics (PHYS 101)
General Physics (PHYS 102)
Electricity and Magnetism
General Physics (PHYS 103)
Waves and Light
Electromagnetic Theory I (PHYS 332)
Electromagnetic Theory
Modern Physics I (PHYS 251)
Special Theory of Relativity, Photoelectric Effect, Compton Effect, Hydrogen Atom,
Modern Physics II (PHYS 253)
Spin, Many Electrons Atom, Blackbody Radiation, Nuclear Physics
Advanced Electromagnetic Theory I (PHYS 531)
Green Functions, Boundary Value problem in electricity and Magnetism
Optics (PHYS 3544) - University of Arkansas - USA
Elements of geometrical, physical, and quantum optics. Lecture 3 hours, laboratory 2 hours
University Physics III (PHYS 2094) - University of Arkansas - USA
A continuation of PHYS 2054 and PHYS 2074. Topics include waves, physical optics, thermodynamics, kinetic theory, and an introduction to quantum mechanics. Lecture 3 hours per week and practicum 2 hours per week (included in lab component)
Classical Mechanics I
Vector, motion in one and two dimensions, oscillations, and gravity.
Renewable Energy
Survey of renewable energy, its sources, applications, and latest devlopments.