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AttachmentPublished ResearchFadia Suyoufie
Flying Over the Abyss: Magical Realism in S. Barakat's The Captives of SinjarFadia SuyoufiePalgrave Handbook of Magical Realism in the 21st CenturySpringer2020
The Metamorphosis of the Femme FataleFadia Suyoufie, G. Sasa, F. RahilJordan Journal of Modern Languages and Literatures12.1: 1-162020
Inverse Apocalypse in Don DeLillo's Falling ManFadia Suyoufie; A. DagamsehArab Journal for the Humanities36/142: 261-2832018
The Poetics of Proximity In M. Darwish's Athar al-FarashahFadia SuyoufieJournal of Arabic Literature46.1: 93-124.2015
Women in Exile: The Unhomely in F. Faqir's Pillars of SaltFadia Suyoufie; L. HammadArab Voices in Diaspora (Anthology), ed. L. Al-MalehRodopi2009
Magical Realism in Ghad Samman's The Square MoonFadia SuyoufieJournal of Arabic Literature40.2: 182-207Brill2009
The Appropriation of Tradition in Selected Works of Contemporary Arab Women WritersFadia SuyoufieJournal of Arabic Literature39.2: 216-249Brill2008
Literary Studies in Approaches to RealityFadia SuyoufieBookPublication of the Greater Municipality of Amman2007
Mnemonic Modes in Emily Nasralla's A House Not Her OwnFadia SuyoufieJournal of Arabic Literature37.3:416-452Brill2006
Pet Ghosts: The Strategies of Plot in British Women's GothicFadia SuyoufieAbhath al Yarmouk23.1: 173-211.2005
The Uncanny in Ahlam Mustaghanemi's Abir SarirFadia SuyoufieJournal of Arabic Literature36.1: 2-49Brill2005
Demons of Domesticity: Oppressive Spaces in Selected Anglo-American Short StoriesFadia SuyoufieAbhath al Yarmouk19.2: 25-482001
The Tyranny of Time in the Fiction of N. MahfouzFadia SuyoufieAl-Abhath47:59-84American University of Beirut1999
The Uncanny in Modern Arabic Short StoryFadia Suyoufie; M. KharbutliAl-AbhathXLIII: 43-67American University of Beirut1995
Dream as a Mode of Expression in Women's PoetryFadia SuyoufieAbhath al Yarmouk13.1: 59-841995
Myth as Mimesis in N. Mahfouz's The SearchFadia SuyoufieAbhath al Yarmouk11.2: 9-261993
The Representation of Oriental Women in 19th.C British Women's PoetryFadia SuyoufieAbhath al Yarmouk11.1:9-251993
Fantasy as an Approach to Reality in R. Wright's The Man who Lived UndergroundFadia SuyoufieAbhath al Yarmouk10.2:9-241992