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Predictors of major bleeding among atrial fibrillation patients on warfarinMatalgah L.M., Yehya A., Al-Taani, G.M. Asian journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Vol 12, Issue 2, 2019, 547-550
Prevalence and risk factors of anaemia among ever-married women in Jordan: results from the 2012 Jordan population and family health surveyArabyat R, Arabyat G and Al-Taani GMEastern Mediterranean Health Journal  Vol. 25 No. 8 543-552
Comparative point prevalence survey of antimicrobial consumption between a hospital in Northern Ireland and a hospital in JordanElhajji, F. D., Al-Taani, G. M., Anani, L., Al-Masri, S., Abdalaziz, H., Su’ad, H., ... & Versporten, A.BMC Health Services Research,18(1), 8492018
Which drugs cause treatment-related problems? Analysis of 10,672 problems within the outpatient settingAl-Taani, G.M., Al-Azzam, S.I., Alzoubi, K.H., and Aldeyab M.ATherapeutics and Clinical Risk Management14- 2273–22812018
Longitudinal point prevalence survey of antibacterial use in Northern Ireland using the European Surveillance of Antimicrobial Consumption (ESAC) PPS and Global-PPS toolAl-Taani, G. M., Scott, M., Farren, D., Gilmore, F., Mccullagh, B., Hibberd, C., ... & Aldeyab, M. A. Epidemiology & Infection1-62018
Provision of pharmaceutical care by community pharmacists across Europe: Is it developing and spreading?Costa FA, Scullin C, Al‐Taani G, Hawwa AF, Anderson C, Bezverhni Z, Binakaj Z, Cordina M, Foulon V, Garcia de Bikuña B, Gier H. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical PracticeAug 12017
Prediction of Drug-Related Problems in Diabetic Outpatients in a Number of Hospitals Using a Modeling ApproachAl-Taani G.M., Al-Azzam, S.I., Alzoubi, K.H., Darwish Elhajji, F.W., Scott, M.G., Alfahel, H. and Aldeyab M.ADrug, Healthcare and Patient Safety9: 1-6.2017
Prevalence of nicotine dependence among university students in Jordan: a cross-sectional studyMoawiah M Khatatbeh (1), Sireen Alkhaldi (2), Yousef Khader (3), Waleed Momani (4), Omar Al Omari (5), Khalid Kheirallah (6), Laila Matalqa (7), Nesreen Bataineh (8), Mohammed AL Bashtawy (9), Ghaith Al-Taani Epidemiology Biostatistics and Public Health2019
Knowledge, Beliefs, and Attitudes Concerning Genetic Testing Among Young JordaniansZaid Altaany 1 Omar F Khabour 2 Ghaith Al-Taani3Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare2019