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Propaganda and Public Opinion

Writing Skills in Journalism in English

Communication Readings in English

Tourism Marketing


2004-  2013


Introduction of Public Relations

Writing skills in Journalism in English

Public Relations Management

Media Management

Propaganda and Public Opinion

Graduation Project (Public Relations)

Special Topics

Communication Readings in English

Current Issues in Communication

International Public Relations

English readings in Public Relations


Georgia State University, 2000-2004

Public Relations






1989-1992              Yarmouk University Scholarship for Master Degree


1999-2004              Yarmouk University Scholarship for PhD




Scientific Meetings and Conference


Workshop on Planning and implementing Public Relations Campaigns held in Oman, 2009.


A two-day seminar on "LFA Seminar for MENA Media Support Project Partners" organized by Fojo to support independent media and access to information in the Middle East, Held in Amman, Jordan On December 16-17, 2008.


"Developing and Implementing Media Campaign to eliminate violence against Women" for the Training Workshop on: Media and Violence Against Iraqi Women, Al-Ofoq Dialogue Center and UNIFEM, 27-30 May 2007. Amman, Jordan.


"Leadership For Media And Democracy: Pressures and Challenges". United Nations University, International Leadership Institute (UNU-ILI), 11-15 March 2007, Amman, Jordan.


Ausace, Kuwait Conference, 2005, "Mass-Mediated Democracy: Jordanian Case"


The 9th annual Intercultural Communication Conference, (ICC), 21-23, 2002 University of Miami, USA, "An Analysis of Cultural Influences on coverage of Honor Crimes in the Jordan Times and the Star".


Ausace, Beirut Conferee, 2002, "Developing an Effective PR Campaign to Eliminate Honor Crimes in Jordan".


Ausace, Amman Conference, 2000. "Towards Developing An Education Philosophy for Teaching communication".


Various Lectures on Psychological Warfare for Jordanian Officers.


Lectures on Propaganda and Public Opinion, The Royal Military Academy, June, 2005.


Paper titled, "Media and Developing the Concept of Political Woman", Yarmouk University Conference, May, 2006.


Workshops on women and Media, 1989.


Media Consultant for the USAID for their workshop on "Parliament and Media: Partnership to Promote", held in the Dead Sea from July 13-15, 2006.



Areas of Interest:


Women Issues, Women Political Participation

Civil Society and Democracy

Mass- Mediated Democracy

Communication and globalization

International Public Relations

Political Communication (Communication Campaigns)

Crisis Management (Communication)

Communication Planning and Management

Communication Skills

Public Relations Marketing (PRM) as part of Marketing Mix





Leonard Teel,        Professor of communication, Georgia state University, Atlanta, USA.


David Cheshire, Associate Professor, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA.


Adel Ziadat, Professor, Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan.



Fluent in Arabic (mother tongue) and English