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Photo-graphics (DES 351)
This course is designed to provide graphic design students an understanding of the importance of digital images in graphic design fields. Starting from the elements of a photograph, and understand the photocomposition rules, and then highlight the importance of good relationship between photographers and designers by creating some various projects using Adobe Photoshop to enhance the concept of graphic design as a commercial and public awareness.
2017 - 2022
Design Presentation (DES.403)
This course is designed to provide the knowledge for design students in the field of presenting design artworks in a professional manner, developing the designer's Portfolio design in a professional manner.
Graduation Project (DES.499G)
This course is designed to provide graphic design students an understanding of the importance of graphic design Project as a final requirement for the BFA degree in Graphic Design at Yarmouk University. Independent problems based on individual project proposals, submitted by the candidate, and approved by the project advisor (based on the course DES 498; Advanced studies in Graphic Design). Projects must represent a meaningful contribution to the field of graphic design and must show mature correlation between all phases of graphic design and construction based on supportive research.
2018 - 2021
Advanced Studies in Graphic Design (DES. 498A)
The course works to provide advanced study integrated to the proposed graduation project in the pre-design, and offers studies to a specific project through sequential systematic scientific research.
2017 -2022
Brand Identity (DES. 352)
This course is designed to covers the theory and practice of creating visual identity for brands. This course is emphasis on understanding the meaning and differences between Brand Identity, Visual Identity, Corporate Identity, and Trademark. It also covers the brand design strategy from its theory to practice. By practice students will learn how to create and design brand projects elements such as logos, print ads, stationary, business cards, and social media ads.
Design Aesthetics (DES. 302)
This course provides students an important background of the design meaning as a form of applied art, and give an overview of  the philosophy of aesthetics and its relationship with art and design with a discussion of the cultural - historical - artistic - and scientific aspects of art and design.
2018 - 2020
Psychology  of Design (DES. 301)
This course is designed to help students understand consumer psychology and behavior towad design, and understanding of design as solution for human- centered problem. In addition, the course provides an understanding of the meaning of creativity, problem solving, design thinking, and design processing.
2017 -2021