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Welcome to my official website!


Hussein M. K. Al-Masri, Ph.D., 
Associate Professor, 
Department of Electrical Power Engineering 
Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology
Yarmouk University, Jordan, 21163 
Office: 310 New Engineering Building 
Tel: +962 2 7211111 - 4658​





Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.

Texas A&M University, College Station, USA.

GPA: 4.0.



M.S. in Electrical Power Engineering. 

Yarmouk University, Jordan                   

1st top student among master degree graduates




B. Sc., Electrical Power Engineering       Yarmouk University, Jordan               

Short Biography


Dr. Hussein Al-Masri (S’14–M’16) was a Lab Manager and Researcher at the Sustainable Energy and Vehicle Engineering Program, Power Electronics and Motor Drives Laboratory, Texas A&M University. He is currently an Associate Professor with the Electrical Power Engineering Department, Yarmouk University. 

Dr. Al-Masri received seven distinguished awards during his undergraduate & graduate studies. In his PhD studies, he was awarded the 2016 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Fellowship from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M University for his excellent academic standing and the original research papers he has published.
As a matter of fact, Dr. Hussein has been promoted to an Associate Professor based on the Fast Track. He received distinguished comments for his research work from the external reviewers. ​

Feedback & Recommendation 


Dr. Hussein Al-Masri has recently received the feedback below from his supervisor, Prof. Mark Ehsani, during his Ph. D. studies at Texas A&M University (TAMU), College Station, USA:


Dear Dr. Masri,

.........Our work together was very innovative and useful for countries like Jordan and you did an excellent job at it. I expect that you will receive much more attention and opportunities with this work. For example, you may be able to encourage the Jordanian officials to ask for international funds for expanding and applying your work to Jordan with government national planning. I will be happy to support your efforts, such as with workshops, mini conferences, etc., in Jordan.


You were among my best students in thirty six years. I am very proud of you.




M. Ehsani



Mehrdad (Mark) Ehsani, Ph. D., P. E., L.F. IEEE, F. SAE 
Robert M. Kennedy Professor, 
Sustainable Energy and Vehicle Engineering Program 
Power Electronics & Motor Drives Laboratory 
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Texas A&M University 
College Station, Texas 77843 

As a matter of fact, TAMU is one of the top 20 ranked schools in the fields of Electrical Engineering in the USA.​

Research Interests


Dr. Hussein's research interests include the electrical power engineering challenging real-world problems in general. Currently, his scientific research field interests include renewable retrofitting energy systems, power electronics and photovoltaic applications, the applications of artificial intelligence techniques to solve power system problems, and the real-life impacts of electromagnetic quantities.​

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