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On Azumaya's Exact Rings and Artinian Duo Rings. Jebrel M. Habeb     Communications in Algebra 17 (1): 237 – 245.Taylor & Francis1989
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On Certain Zero Insertive Rings.  Jebrel M. HabebAbhath Al- Yarmouk:       "Pure. Sci. and Eng.3(2): 9-15.Yarmouk University1994
 A Note On Semi–Principal Ideal Rings.       Habeb, J., and Hajja, M.The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering.22(2A): 195 – 206.KFU1997
 Zero Insertive Rings of Small Orders And Zero Insertive        Regular Rings.  Sci. (Math. Ser.) 1Habeb, J. M.Jour. of Inst. of Math. and Comp.1(1):       51– 57.India1998
 On Artinian Serial Rings. Mathematical      Habeb, J. M., and Ababneh, N.  Sciences Research Hot-Line  5(6): 31 – 39. Global Publishing Company (2001).
  An Algorithm for Grading  Mn(F).  Refai, M., Habeb, J. M., and Awawdeh, F. Al- Manarah Journal.9(2): 197- 215.Al-Bait University(2003).
A Note on Trigonometric Identities  Habeb, J. M, and  Hajja, M.Expositiones  Mathematicae 21: 285 – 290. Heldermann Verlag (2003).
Diagonal Z-Automorphisms of Z[x1, x2, …, xn].           Habeb, J. M, and  Hajja, M. Algebras, Groups and Geometries.21, No. 2, 201-210.Hadronic Press, USA(2004)
  A Method for Establishing Trigonometric Inequalities Involving the Cotangents of the Angles of a Triangle Habeb, J. M, and  Hajja, M. Journal for Geometry and Graphics. 12, No. 1, 11-21.Heldermann Verlag (2008)
  Conjugacy classes and invariant subrings of R-automorphisms of R[x]  Habeb, J. M, Hajja, M. and William HeinzerCommunications in Algebra   40 (4), 1496-1524.Taylor & Francis(2012)
 Armendariz rings and rigid rings, Jebrel M. HabebSubmitted to Acta Mathematica Sinica, English Series.---------
A Note on Rigid RingsJebrel M. HabebItalian Journal of Applied and Pure Mathematics,accepted 18-3-2021
Some Properties of Balancing NumbersJebrel M. HabebJordan Journal of Mathematics and Statistics (JJMS)accepted 17-4-2021
Graded Weakly 2-Absorbing Ideals over Non-Commutative RingsAzzh Saad Alshehry, Jebrel Habeb, Rashid Abu-Dawwas, and Ahmad Alrawabdehsymmetry-1799591
On Weakly Presimplifiable Group RingsOMAR. A. AL-MALLAH, M. ABU-SALEEM, JEBREL M. HABEB, AND N. JARBOUIJordan Journal of Mathematics and Statistics (JJMS), accepted 23-12-2021