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Damage Assessment of a Salt Dome in Jizan, Southwestern Saudi Arabia, Using High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing DataHabes A. Ghrefat, Ahmed Hakami, ElKhedr Ibrahim, Saad Mogren, Saleh Qaysi, Kamal Abdelrahman,  Faisal K. ZaidiFront. Earth Sci. 2021
Evaluation of Kinetic moduli and soil competence scale of soil profiles in Jizan area, Southwestern Saudi ArabiaKamal Abdelrahman, Elkhedr Ibrahim, Saleh Qaysi, Saad Mogren, Faisal Zaidi, Habes GhrefatArabian Journal of Geosciences2021
Petrology of Oolitic Ironstones of Ashumaysi Formation of Wadi Fatima, Western Arabian Shield, Saudi ArabiaMahmoud A. Galmed, Bassam A Amarah, Habes A. Ghrefat, Abdullah A. Al-Zahrani, Ossama M. K. KassemJournal of King Saud University – Science2021
Using reflectance spectroscopy and Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer data to identify bauxite deposits in vicinity of Az Zabirah, northern Saudi ArabiaHabes Ghrefat, Yasser Al Mutairi, Hesham ElAraby, Mahmoud Galmed Arabian Journal of Geosciences 2021
Red Sea faulting and salt diapirism in Jizan city, southwest Saudi Arabia: Inferences from gravity dataElkhedr Ibrahim, Saad Mogren, Saleh Qaysi, Kamal Abdelrahman, Habes Ghrefat, Faisal Zaidi, Ahmed Hakimi Natural Hazards2021
Utilization of multispectral landsat-8 remote sensing data for lithological mapping of southwestern Saudi ArabiaHabes Ghrefat, Ali Kahal, Kamal Hassanein, Hussain J. Alfaifi, Saleh Qaysi Journal of King Saud University - Science 2021
Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in the Soils of the Gulf of Aqaba (Northwestern Saudi Arabia): Integration of Geochemical, Remote Sensing, GIS, and Statistical DataHabes Ghrefat, Haider Zaman, Awni Batayneh, Mahmoud M. El Waheidi, Saleh Qaysi, Ahmad Al –Taani, Chokri Abdullaltif Jallouli, Omar BadhrisJournal of Coastal Research2021
Hydrogeophysical Characterization of the Coastal Aquifer System in the Northeast Gulf of Aqaba (Saudi Arabia): An Investigation in the Context of Groundwater Resources ManagementMahmoud M. El Waheidi, Habes Ghrefat, Saleh Qaysi, Awni T. Batayneh, Giorgio Russo, Chokri Jallouli, Omar Badhris, Tariq Maeshi, Eslam A. Elawadhi, Ibrahim BahkaliJournal of Coastal Research2020
Delineation of copper mineralization zones at Wadi Ham, Northern Oman Mountains, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Using Multispectral Landsat 8 (OLI) dataFares M. Howari, Habes Ghrefat, Yousef Nazzal, Mahmoud A. Galmed, Osman Abdelghany, Abdel Rahman Fowler, Manish Sharma, Fatima Al Aydaroos, Cijo M. XavierFrontiers in Earth Science 2020
Mapping Maqna Gypsum Deposits in the Midyan Area, Northwestern Saudi Arabia, Using ASTER Thermal DataHabes A. GhrefatJournal of Geology and Geoscience2020
Suprasubduction-zone origin of the podiform chromitites of the Bir Tuluhah ophiolite, Saudi Arabia, during Neoproterozoic assembly of the Arabian ShieldBassam A.Abuamarah, Paul D.Asimow, Mokhles K.Azer, Habes GhrefatLithos2020
Integrated geological and petrophysical characterization of oligocene deep marine unconventional poor to tight sandstone gas reservoirBassam A.Abuamarah, Bassem S.Nabawy, Ahmed M.Shehata, Osama M.K.Kassem, Habes GhrefatMarine and Petroleum Geology2019
Pore Fabric Anisotropy of the Cambrian–Ordovician Nubia Sandstone in the Onshore Gulf of Suez, Egypt: A Surface Outcrop AnalogNader T. H. Elgendy, Bassam A. Abuamarah, Bassem S. Nabawy, Habes Ghrefat, Osama M. K. KassemNatural Resources Research2019
Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Late Ediacaran Rare-metal Albite Granites of the Arabian-Nubian ShieldBassam A. Abu Amarh, Mokhles K. AZER, Paul D. ASIMOW, Habes Ghrefat, Heba S. MUBARAKActa Geologica Sinica2019
Mapping lateritic bauxite at Az Zabirah, Saudi Arabia, using ground-penetrating radar exploration methodYasir A. Almutairi, Hesham M. ElAraby, Habes A. Ghrefat, Abdulrahman M. AlotaibiArabian Journal of Geosciences2019
Integration of hydrochemical, GIS, and remote-sensing data for assessment of shallow groundwater aquifers in Wadi Nisah, Central Saudi ArabiaMohammed Gubran, Habes Ghrefat,Faisal Zaidi, Mohamed ShehataEnvironmental Earth Sciences2019
Integrated geological and petrophysical characterization of oligocene deep marine unconventional poor to tight sandstone gas reservoirBassam A.Abuamaraha, Bassem S.Nabawyb, Ahmed M.Shehatac, Osama M.K.Kassem, Habes GhrefatMarine and Petroleum Geology2019
Estimation of pozzolanic activity of scoria rocks using aster remote sensing. Mufleh Saleem,  Galal Fares,  Habes Ahmed GhrefatJournal of Materials in Civil Engineering2019
mapping Oolitic Iron Ore Deposits in the Ashumaysi Formation, Western Saudi Arabia, Using Different Remote Sensing Techniques Applied to Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus Data (ETM+). Habes A. Ghrefat, Abdullah A. Al Zahrani, Mahmoud A. Galmed, Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing2018
Spatial distribution and ecological risk assessment of the coastal surface sediments from the Red Sea, northwest Saudi ArabiaAli Y.Kahal, Abdelbaset S.El-Sorogy, Hussain J.Alfaifi, SattamAlmadani, Habes A.GhrefatMarine Pollution Bulletin2018
Use of Remote Sensing Data in Assessment Land Cover Changes, Land Use Patterns and Land Capabilities in Al-Qassim Region, Saudi ArabiaYousef Nazzal, Fares M. Howari, Habes Ghrefat, H. A. KishawyInternational Journal of Ecology and Development2017
Delineation of gossan zones in arid regions by Landsat 8 (OLI): An application to mineral exploration in the Eastern Arabian Shield, Saudi ArabiaHisham Gahlan, Habes GhrefatNatural Resources Research Journal2018
Risk assessment through evaluation of potentially toxic metals in the surface soils of the Qassim area, Central Saudi ArabiaYousef Nazzal, Fares M Howari, Muhammad Kamran Jafri, Muhammad Naeem, Habes GhrefatItalian Journal of Geosciences2016
Integrated application of geoelectrical techniques for structural investigations: case study of Wadi Marsad Graben, JoMahmoud M. El-Waheidi, Habes A. Ghrefat, Awni Batayneh, Yousef H. Nazzal, Taisser ZumlotArabian Journal of Geosciences2016
Statistical    analysis of different chemical elements in groundwater of northwestern Saudi ArabiaTaisser Zumlot, Awni Batayneh, Haider Zaman, Habes Ghrefat, Saad MogrenJournal of geological society of India2015
Pollution Assessment of arsenic and Other Selected Elements in the Groundwater and Soil of the Gulf of Aqaba, Saudi ArabiaHabes Ghrefat, Mahmud M. El-Waheidi, Yousef Nazzal, Awni Batayneh, Taisser ZumlotEnvironmental Earth Sciences2015
Hydrochemical processes governing groundwater quality of sedimentary aquifers in Central Saudi Arabia and its environmental implications.Faisal K. Zaidi,Yousef Nazzal,Izrar Ahmed,Abdulaziz M. Al-Bassam, Nasser S. Al-Arifi, Habes Ghrefat, Saeed A. Al-ShaltoniEnvironmental Earth Sciences2015
Hydrogeological vulnerability and pollution risk mapping of the Saq and overlying aquifers using the DRASTIC model and GIS techniques, NW Saudi Arabia. Izrar Ahmed, Yousef Nazzal, Faisal K. Zaidi, Nassir S. N. Al-Arifi, Habes Ghrefat, Muhammad NaeemEnvironmental Earth Sciences2015
Geochemical analysis and spectral characteristics of oil shale deposits in Wadi Abu Ziad, Western Irbid, JordanMahmoud Al-Tamimi, Habes Ghrefat, Mohmammad Alqudah, Jamal NazalArabian Journal of Geosciences2021
Reflectance spectroscopy and ASTER mapping of aeolian  dunes of Shaqra and Tharmada Provinces, Saudi Arabia: Field  validation and laboratory confirmationYousef Salem , Habes Ghrefat, and Rajendran SankaranINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF IMAGE AND DATA FUSIONTaylor and Francis2022
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