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Research Title
 • Workshop on the Implications of Global Financial Crises and its impact on Middle East Countries Kaslik University, Beirut  April 30 2009
Islamic nking and the Financial crisesBa
said al hallaqPresent a paper in the workshop
 • Conference on the Implications of the Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on the Economies of Arab States , Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt April 4-5 2009
Islamic Banking why not effected as conventional banks with the financial crises
Said Al hallaqPresent a paper in the conference
 • The Fifth General Meeting of the World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations"  the Rhodes Island, Greece October 10 - 14, 2007
Dialogue of Civilization Islamic Perspective
Said Al hallaqPresent a paper
 • Regional Forum on the Role of Islamic Financial Institutions in financing for Development Manama, Bahrain 5-6 September 2007
invitation to attend the conference
 • Workshop on Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions Sultanate of Oman 17-18 December, 2005
Invitation to attend the workshop
 Jordan Banking Sector: An Overview Istanbul, Turkey, 2004
The effectiveness of Islamic banks case of jordan
Said al hallaqPresent a paper in the forum
 The Seventh Annual Islamic Forum: Risk Management in Islamic Banking.Jordan2004
Sources of Exchange Rate Variability: Can They be turned Off?.
Said al hallaqPresent a paper
 • The International Seminar on Macroeconomics from an Islamic Perspective: Theory and Contemporary Issues Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. September 22-24, 2004
 Macroeconomic Implications of Zakah Institution in Islamic Thought
said Al hallaqPresent a paper
 •Financial Cooperation between Europe and the Middle East University of Bochum. Germany Dec 2003
Islamic banking
Said al HallaqPresent a paper
 • The international workshop on “Water in the East Mediterian: Social Capital in Regional Development Project Eastern Mediterian University, Turkey May 2001.
Invitation to attend the workshop
 • The International conference on the university in the 21st century Muscat, Sultanate of Oma 2000
Invitation to attend the conference
 • The 4th International an Islamic Economics and Islamic Banking London, Loughtborough University August. 2000
comment on apaper presented in the conference
 Non-Profit and TechnologyWashington University. U.S.A November 1999
Invitation to attend the conference
 Turkish Water for Peace Building Ankara- Turkey September 1995
Member of an international team to work on a  feasibility study
 •The Third International Conference on Ethico-Economics University College of Cape Breton. , Nova Scotia, Canada, October 1993
A Note on the Existence of Islamic Social Welfare Function
Said al HallaqPresent a paper