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Econ. 101 Principles of macroeconomics
An introduction to the general principles of national income, employment
and prices in closed and open economies. The role of government,
money, inflation, international trade, economic growth and development
Econ. 102 Principles of microeconomics
This is also an introductory course where the general principles ofpricing and resource allocation are discussed in the market type economies
Econ. 105 Principles of Mathematical
Basic Algebra, static equilibrium analysis, linear and non-linear models, comparative static, differentiation and integration, matrices, optimality, logarithms and economic applications
Econ. 200 Research Methods
This course studies research methodologies; problems and hypotheses
for research topics; identification of explanatory variables and
construction of research models, and testing hypotheses. The course deals with the statistical methods and tools necessary for designing and evaluating research
Econ. 207 Microeconomic theory
Modern theory of demand, theory of production and costs, pricing and market structures
Econ.421 Feasibility studies
Analyzing projects tables, primary study, market analysis study, technical study, financial analysis, profitability analysis and analyzing cost efficiency.
summer 2013
Econ.320 Public Finance
Efficiency, market failure and the rationale for government intervention; public expenditure theory; resource allocation; externalities; taxation and related subjects.
Econ.334 Agricultural Economics
Characteristics of agricultural industry and farming business, principles of resource allocation on the farm, food supply and population growth, agricultural policy in Jordan and other developing countries
Econ. 351 International Finance
Foreign exchange market, the balance of payments, foreign trade and the national income, adjustment policies and the international financial system.
Econ.403 History of Economic thought
Development of economic analysis from a historical and comparative point of view; the relationship between economic theory, policy and economic history.
Econ.407 Managerial Economics
Analysis and application of microeconomic theory for managerial decision making. Demand analysis, risk analysis, forecasting methodologies, cost empirical analysis, pricing practices, and capital budgeting
ECON 633 Economics of Tourism                               
The main objectives of this course are: to understand the basic concepts,    definitions, and measurement of tourism economics; to identify the basic component of the demand and supply of the tourism; to structure the factors which influence the demand and supply of tourism.  It also aims to understand the economic contribution of tourism locally, nationally and internationally, to appreciate and measure the socio-economic, political and environmental impacts of the tourism activities, and to be familiar with the general knowledge of the strategies that may be implemented and the weakness associated with them.
ECON 694 Feasibility Studies
Analyzing projects tables, primary study, market analysis study, technical
study, financial analysis, profitability analysis and analyzing cost