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Research Title
Microwave Symposium Digest (MTT)USAMay 2010
Two Novel Classes of Band-Reject Filters Realizing Broad Upper Pass Bandwidth
W. M. Fathelbab, H. M. Jaradat and D. Reynolds
European Microwave ConferenceRome,ItalyOct. 2009
Studying the Nature of Electromagnetic Interaction between a Pair of Left-Handed Transmission Lines
W. M. Fathelbab and H. M. Jaradat
IEEE Radio & Wireless SymposiumUSA2009
Selective Lowpass Filters Realizing Finite-Frequency Transmission Zeros
H. M. Jaradat and W. M. Fathelbab
European Microwave ConferenceAmsterdam, NetherlandsOct. 2008
New Stepped-Impedance Parallel-Coupled Line (PCL) Filters for Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Applications
W. M. Fathelbab and H. M. Jaradat