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Experimental Demonstration of Negative Index of Refraction in Magnetic SemiconductorsKussow, Y. E. Aoud, H. M. Jaradat, A. AkyurtluIEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science andvol3,no. 6, pp. 791 - 7972013
Numerical Simulation of Gold Nanostructures Absorption Efficiency for Fiber Optic Photoacoustic GenerationY. Tian, H. Jaradat, N. Wu, X. Zou,Y. Zhang, Y. Liu, A. Akyurtlu, C. Cao, and X. WangProgress In Electromagnetics Research Lettersvol. 42, pp. 209-2232013
Tin assisted transfer of electroplated metal nanostructures and its application in flexible chiral metamaterialsL. Fang, M. Wei, N. Wongkasem, H. Jaradat, A. Mokhlis, J. Shen, A. Akyurtlu, K. Marx, C, Barry, and J. Mead,Elsevier: Microelectronic Engineeringvol. 7, pp-42-492013
Infrared (IR) Absorber Based on Multiresonant StructureH.M. Jaradat, A. AkyurtluIEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation lettersVol. 11, pp.1222-12252012
Negative refractive index in ferromagnetic semiconductors: experimental verificationA. Kussow, Y. E. Aoud, H. M. Jaradat, A. Akyurtlu,Proceedings of SPIEVol. 8455.P.84551F2012
A Novel Mathematical Model to Realizing Randomness in Full-Wave Simulations of Regularly Arranged NanoparticlesH. Jaradat, A. Akyurtlu,IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Lettersvol. 10, pp. 536 – 539,2011
Plasmon Resonances in Nanohemisphere MonolayersÇ. Ö. Topal, H. M. Jaradat, S. Karumuri, J. F. O’Hara, A. Akyurtlu, and A. K. KalkanJournal of Physical Chemistry C vol.121, no. 42, pp. 23599–236082017
Reduced Cell Size Metamaterial Based Wideband Infrared AbsorberH. M. JaradatJordan Journal in Electrical Engineering “JJEE”vol.3, no. 2, pp. 126-1372017
Design and characterization of metamaterial-based dual band absorber for infrared applicationsJaradat, H.M., Ait-El-Aoud, Y. & Akyurtlu, AJournal of Opticsvol. 46, no. 2, pp. 170-1752017
Design and Simulation of Fully Printable Conformal Antennas with BST/Polymer Composite Based Phase ShiftersMahdi, H. M. Jaradat , J., Craig, A., and Alkim AProgress In Electromagnetics Research CVol. 62, 167–1782016
Modelling of Electromagnetic Fields for Shielding Purposes Applied in Instrumentation SystemsDagamseh, A. M., Al-Zoubi, Q. M. Qananwah, Q. M. Jaradat, H. M.ACES JournalVol. 36, pp. 1075-10822021
Ultra-thin single band metamaterial inspired absorber with suppressed higher order modes for terahertz applicationsHamzeh M. JaradatOptical material expressvol.11, pp. 3341-33542021