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CME 342: Engineering Electromagnetics
Review of vector calculus, electrostatic fields, capacitance, the method of images, magnetostatic fields, inductance, steady electric current, boundary conditions, magnetic circuits, Faraday’s low and electromagnetic induction, Maxwell’s equations.
CME 456: Communications Systems
Fourier transform, power spectral density, AM and FM modulation and demodulation, baseband modulation and demodulation, sampling, quantization, PAM and PCM modulation, bandpass modulation: FSK,PSK,ASK.
CME 446 Microwave systems
Scattering parameter theory and microwave measurements. Planar circuit technology: microstrip, stripline, CWG, and finline. Microwave devices and components: resonators, filters, power dividers, couplers, amplifiers and oscillators. Microwave sources: solid-state sources, microwave tubes.