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Research Title
Meeting:“Incorporating the concepts of AIDS disease and how to avoid it, in the curriculum of high schools”Amman-JordanSep. 14-16, 1993
The Use of New Technology in Cereal BreedingAlgeriaMay 28-30, 1994
Presented a paper entitled: "Use of recombinant DNA technology in plant breeding of cereal crops"
Hanan I. MalkawiInvited speaker
Plant Genetic Resources in JordanAmman-JordanAug. 2-4,  1994
Presented a paper entitled: "Non traditional methods of breeding for crop improvement ".
Hanan I. MalkawiInvited speaker
Workshop: "The New in Biotechnological TechniquesBaghdad-IraqJan. 7-9, 1997
Presented a paper entitled "The Polymerase chain reaction and its applications"
Hanan I. MalkawiKeynote speaker
Conference: "Biotechnology, The present and the future goals". AI¬ alBayt University, JordanApr.7-9, 1997
Presented a paper entitled "Molecular marker techniques (RAPD and RFLP) in fingerprinting organisms"
Hanan I. MalakwiInvited speaker
Conference: The Eighth Arab Conference of Clinical Biology and the First  Jordanian Conference of Medical Laboratory SciencesAmman-JordanApr. 28-May 1, 1997
Presented a poster entitled:" Molecular characterization of multiresistant Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates by plasmid analysis and random amplified polymorphic DNA, RAPD)
Hanan I. MalkawiInvited speaker
Symposium: The Third International Triticeae SymposiumAleppo¬-SyriaMay 4-8, 1997
Presented a paper entitled: "Genetic analysis of Emmer wild and cultivated durum wheat by random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD-PCR)"
Hanan I. MalkawiKeynote speaker
Conference: The First Conference of Environmental ProblemsMut'ah Univ., JordanApr. 14-16,  1998
Presented a paper entitled: "PCR and DNA fingerprinting techniques in identifying and characterizing soil bacterial isolates"
Hanan I. MalkawiInvited speaker
Workshop:” Methods and Applications of Plant DNA Fingerprinting”. Held in cooperation with the Arab organization for Agriculture and NACART, JordanSep. 8-10, 1998
I participated as a lecturer and trainee in PCR uses and different DNA-based fingerprinting techniques in plants
Hanan I. MalkawiInvited speaker
Meeting: The 99th General ASM meetingChicago- Illinois. USAMay 30-June 3, 1999
presented a Poster entitled "Detection of genetic polymorphism by RAPD-PCR among isolates of Bacillus thuringensis"
hanan I. Malkawispeaker
Workshop: Participated in the short training course on "DNA molecular markers techniques for crop improvement"ICARDA, Aleppo- SyriaSep.12-23, 1999
Traning workshop
Hanan I. MalkawiTraning
Scientific Visit: Invitation from Georgia State UniversityAtlanta, Georgia- USASeptember 2000
The delegation consisted of the President of Yarmouk University, the Dean of Science, and myself) to visit the Biotechnology core facilities and the Departments of the Faculty of Art & Science at GSU and discuss ways of collaboration in biotechnology
joint collaboration
Scientific Exchange Visit: Visited the biotechnology facility units in the National Research Center (NRC) and Agriculture Genetic Engineering Institute (AGERI)Cairo¬-EgyptMarch 2001
Several faculties from Dept of Biology at YU including IJoint collabopration
Workshop: "IT Primer Workshop on Basic Web Technology Skills for Course Development” American University of Beirut- Lebanon June 5-9, 2001
Training in E-learning
Workshop: "Bioinformatics and structural modeling" Sabanci University, Istanbul-TurkeySep. 3-7, 2001
Hanan I. MalkawiTraning in Bioinformatics
Conference: "The Second Arab Conference & Exhibition on Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering"BahrainApr. 15-17, 2002
I presented a paper entitled "Identification of Salmonella isolates from poultry and meat products using PCR technology"
Invited speaker
Workshop: "PCR-based Technology: Uses and Applications" Yarmouk University,  JordanSep. 7-12, 2002
I Participated as a lecturer, trainee and organizer
Symposium: "Frontier of Science and Engineering" Koc University, Istanbul-Turkey Sep. 21-23, 2003)
Invited speaker. Title of presentation: “The biodiversity of bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in Jordanian soil as influenced by biotic and abiotic factors"
Invited speaker
Conference: Jordan Ninth Scientific Week "Role of Biotechnology in the Jordanian Economy"The Higher Council for Science & Technology-JordanOct. 6- Oct. 8, 2003
I presented a paper entitled "Rapid Methods for Detection Of  Foodborne Pathogens"
Symposium: "On Frontiers of Chemical Sciences: Research and Education in the Middle East”Malta.Dec. 6-11, 2003
Water Quality in Jordan
Invited speaker
Workshop: 2nd International forum to Engage Iraqi's S & T Community in Developing their Country. Amman-JordanMay 15-18, 2005
my participation was as an International Collaborator in training Iraqi scientists
Workshop: EMP/CEM Dryland's Hidden wealth.Amman-Jordan June 26-27, 2007
I was an organizer as the Director of the UNESCO Chair for Desert Studies
Workshop: "Nanotechnology and Horizon for its uses in industry: Towards Arab cooperation for the development and ownership of nanotechnologies".  Rabat, MoroccoSep. 20-21, 2006
I gave presentation entitled "Applications of Nanotechnology in quick detection of microbial contamination from water resources and food products"
Invited speaker
Workshop: BioinformaticsCornell University- USA Nov.2-8, 2006
I was member of the organizing committee
Conference: I was the vice-Chairman and the Jordanian representative of the "1st Egyptian-Jordanian Conference on Biotechnology and sustainable development: Current and future scenarios",Cairo-Egypt Dec.11-14, 2006
Biotechnology and sustainable development: Current and future scenarios"
Conference: Middle East Frontiers of Science & Engineering (FOSE07).   Seville- Spain March  19-21, 2007
I gave a speed session presentation about "Rapid detection of microbial pathogens (Bacteria & Viruses) in water resources using molecular biology"
Invited speaker
Conference: Frontiers of Chemical Science III: Research & Education in The Middle East. Istanbul- Turkey Dec. 8-13, 2007
I was the discussion leader of a session (Environment: water and air quality) and I gave a presentation about "Water Quality & Monitoring in Jordan: Improved and recent Molecular biology technology for rapid and sensitive detection of water-borne pathogens in water resources)
Invited speaker
Workshop: Sustainable Management of Marginal Drylands (SUMAMADAmman. JordanJune 1-7, 2008
Organized by Flemish Government of Belgium, UNESCO, Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature-Jordan, & United Nations University
Invited in group discussion table
Conference: Petra IV Conference for Nobel LaureatesPetra-JordanJune 17-19, 2008
Invited to attend
Conference: Chairman & Coordinator of the 2nd Jordanian-Egyptian Conference of Biotechnology and Society: Prospects and ChallengesYarmouk University-JordanNov. 11-13, 2008
Biotechnology and Society: Prospects and Challenges
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