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Genetically Modified crops and human nutritionHanan I. MalkawiArab FertilizerIssue No. 64.pp 16-20Arab Fertilizer Association2013
Bioremediation of southern Mediterranean oil polluted sites comes of ageDaniele Daffonchio, Manuel Ferrer, Francesca Mapelli, Ameur Cherif, Hanan I. Malkawi, Michail M. Yakimov, Yasser R. Abdel-Fattah, Mohamed Blaghen, Peter N. Golyshin, Nicolas Kalogerakis, Nico Boon, Mirko Magagnini, Fabio FavaNew BiotechnologyAcceptedElsevier2013
ULIXES, Unravelling and exploiting Mediterranean Sea microbial diversity and ecology for xenobiotics’ and pollutants’ clean upDaniele Daffonchio, Francesca Mapelli, Ameur Cherif, Hanan I. Malkawi, Michail M. Yakimov, Yasser R. Abdel-Fattah, Mohamed Blaghen, Peter N. Golyshin, Manuel Ferrer, Nicolas Kalogerakis, Nico Boon, Mirko Magagnini, Fabio Fava, & the ULIXES Scientific TeamReviews in Environmental Science and Bio/technology11: 207-211Springer2012
Biogeographical diversity of leaf-associated microbial communities from salt-secreting Tamarix trees of the Dead Sea RegionNoga Qvit-Raz, Omri Finkel, Taghleb Al-Deeb, Hanan I. Malkawi, Muna Y. Hindiyeh, Edouard Jurkevitch, and Shimshon BelkinResearch in Microbiology163: 142-150Elsevier2012
A European FP7 collaborative research project aimed to unravel and exploit Mediterranean sea microbial diversity and ecology for xenobiotics’ and pollutants’ clean-upDaniele Daffonchio1, Ameur Cherif2, Hanan I. Malkawi3, Michail M. Yakimov4, Yasser R. Abdel-Fattah5, Mohamed Blaghen6, Peter N. Golyshin7, Manuel Ferrer8, Nicolas Kalogerakis9, Nico Boon10, Mirko Magagnini11, Fabio Fava12, Atef Jaouani2, Francesca MapelliIn Proceedings of the 5th European Bioremediation ConferenceID-231, 1-6Elsevier2011
Unravelling and exploiting Mediterranean Sea microbial diversity and ecology for xenobiotics’ and pollutants’ clean-up, ULixes a European FP7 collaborative research projectCherif A., Borin S., Malkawi H.I., Yakimov M.M., Abdel-Fattah Y-R., Blaghen M., Golyshin P.N., Ferrer M., Kalogerakis N., Boon N., Magagnini M., Fava F., Jaouani A., Mapelli F., Raddadi N., Ouzari H.I., Merlino G., Daffonchio D. & the ULIXES Scientific TeIn Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Microbial Diversity – Environmental Stress and Adaptation, Eds. S. Casella, D. Daffonchio, M. Gobbetti, E. Parentepp. 152-155.2011
Production of Bare Multiple-element Magnetic Nanoparticles and their use in Fast Detection and Removal of Pathogenic Bacteria from Water ResourcesKhaled N. Elshuraydeh, Hanan I. Malkawi, and  Mona HassunehNanobiotechnology Book II331-344CRC Press2011
Culture-Dependent and Culture-Independent Approaches to Study the Bacterial and Archaeal Diversity from Jordanian Hot SpringsHanan I. Malkawi, and Manal N. Al-OmariAfrican Journal of Microbiology Research4(10): 923-932Academic Journals2010
Biochemical and Molecular Characterization of Thermophilic enzymes of Bacterial  Strains Isolated from Jordanian Hot SpringsQutadah M. Radaideh, Hanan I. Malkawi, Manal Al-Omari and Taghleb M.A. Al-DeebWorld Applied Sciences Journal8(6): 725-735International Digital Organization for Scientific Information. IDOSI2010
Biogeography of thermophilic Cyanobacteria: Insights from Zerka Ma, in hot springs (Jordan). Ionescu, D., Hyndieh, M., Malkawi, I. and Oren AFEMS Microbiology Ecology72: 103-113.WILEY2010
Investigation of the ability of soil bacterial isolates to degrade petroleum hydrocarbons.Hanan I. Malkawi, Mohammad  Y. Jahmani, Emad H. Hussein, Fuad A. Al-Horani and Taghleb  M. Al-Deeb.International Journal of Integrative Biology7 (2): 93-99Omics Group2009
The cyanobacterial community of the Zerka Ma’in hot springs, Jordan: morphological and molecular diversity and nitrogen fixationIonescu, D., Oren, A., Levitan, O., Hindiyeh, M., Malkawi  H., Berman-FrankAlgological Studies130: 129-144E. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung2009
Morphological diversity in Hordeum spontaneum C. Koch of Northern Jordan (Ajloun Area)M. G. Al-Saghir, H. I. Malkawi, and A. El-OqlahMiddle East Journal of Scientific Research4(1): 24-27International Digital Organization for Scientific Information-IDOSI2009
. Mutational Analysis of Oil Degrading Genes in Bacterial Isolates from Oil Contaminated Soil at the Jordanian Oil RefineryHanan I. Malkawi, Linda M. Fatmi , and Taghleb M. AL-DeebWorld Applied Sciences Journal6(2): 208-220International Digital Organization for Scientific Information-IDOSI2009
Morphological, phylogenetic and physiological diversity of cyanobacteria in the hot springs of Zerka Ma’in, JordanOren, A., Ionescu, D., Hindiyeh, M.Y., and Malkawi, H.IBIORISK – Biodiversity and Ecosystem Risk Assessment3, 69-82Pensoft Publishers, Sofia-Moscow2009
Archaeal diversity in the Dead Sea: microbial survival under increasingly harsh conditionsBodaker, I., Béjà, O., Rosenberg, M., Oren, A., Hindiyeh, M.Y., and Malkawi, H. I. In: Oren, A., Naftz, D.L., Palacios, P., and Wurtsbaugh, W.A. (eds.), Saline lakes around the world: unique systems with unique values. pp. 137-143The S.J. and Jessie E. Quinney Natural Resources Research Library, College of Natural Resources, Utah State University2009
Isolation, molecular and Biochemical characterization of oil Degrading Bacteria from Contaminated Soil at the Jordanian Oil RefineryTaghleb M. AL-Deeb and Hanan I. MalkawiJournal of Applied Science & Technology14 (1, 2): 1-12 International Digital Organization for Scientific Information-IDOSI2009
The effect of crown restorations on the types and counts of cariogenic bacteriaRawashdeh,R. Y. and  Hanan I. Malkawi, Ahmad S. Al-Hiyassat and Mohammad M. Hammad. Journal of Biological Sciences1(3):100-104Hashemite University-Ministry of Research & Higher Education, Jordan2008
A fast and sensitive molecular detection of Streptococcus mutans and Actinomyces viscosus from dental plaquesRabeah Y. Rawashdeh,   Hanan I. Malkawi,  Ahmad S. Al-Hiyasat, and Mohammad M. Hammad. Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences1(3): 135-139 Hashemite University-Ministry of Research & Higher Education, Jordan2008
Microalgae and cyanobacteria of the Dead Sea and its surrounding springsIonescu, D., Oren, A., Hindiyeh, M., and  Malkawi  H. 2008I. J. Plant Sciences56: 1-13Taylor & Francis2008
Report on the Workshop on Sustainable Air & Water Quality in the Middle East - Frontiers of Chemical Sciences: Research and Education in the Middle East (Malta III)Kolb, C. E., A. Al-Zoubi and H. Malkawi Report during Frontiers of Chemical Sciences: Research and Education in the Middle East (Malta III), Istanbul, Turkey, December 8-13, 2007International Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry-IUPAC2008
Rapid Detection of Human Enteric Pathogens (Viruses and Bacteria) in Water Resources from Jordan Using Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)Shaban, B. A. and Malkawi, H. I. 2007Journal of Applied Sciences Research3(10): 1088-1093International Network for Scientific Information-INSInet Publications2007
Genetic diversity in Hordeum spontaneum of Northern Jordan (Ajloun area) as revealed by RAPD and AFLP markers. Al-Saghair, M. G., Malkawi, H. I. and El-Oqlah, A. International Journal of Botany3(2): 172-178Asian Network for Scientific Information2007
The thermophilic cyanobacteria of the Zerka Ma'in thermal springs in JordanIonescu, D., Oren, A., Hindiyeh, M.Y., Malkawi, H.I. In: Seckbach, J., ed., Algae in extreme environmentsVol. 11. pp. 413-424Springer, Dordrecht2007
Women and Higher Education in Jordan: current and futureWaseela P., Hadidi, M., Malkawi, H. I., Abu Hassan, L. and Shraim, R. Jordanian National AgendaMinistry of Higher Eduaction and Scientific Research2005
The biodiversity of soil bacterial community in JordanMalkawi, H. I. and Mohammad, M. JDirasat, Pure Sciences31 (2): 182-196University of Jordan2004
. Root, shoot and nutrient acquisition responses of Mycorrhizal and Nonmycorrhizal wheat to phosphorous application to highly calcareous soils. Mohammad, M. J. and Malkawi H. I. Asian Journal of Plant Sciences3 (3): 363-364Asian Network for Scientific Information2004
Genetic diversity of wild barley (Hordeum spontaneum) accessions of Wadi-Dana Reserve in Jordan detected by RAPD markersMalkawi, H. I.  2004Abhath AI-Yarmouk: “Basic Sci. & Eng.”13 (1): 97-109Deanship of Research & Graduate Studies at Yarmouk University2004
Rapid and simultaneous identification of two Salmonella enterica serotypes, Enteritidis and Typhimurium from chicken and meat products by multiplex PCR.Malkawi, H. I. and Gharaibeh, R. 2004Biotechnology3(1): 44-48Asian Network for Scientific Information2004
Study on existing staus of biotechnology, living modified organisms and related programs in Jordan: National Biosaftey Framwork of Jordan.Hailat N., Shibli R., Malkawi H. and Shidefat F. Ministry of Environment-Jordan, UNEP-GEFMinistry of Environment-Jordan, UNEP-GEF2004
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