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Microbiology, Moleular Biology & Biotechnology
- Environmental Biotechnology:
a. Studying the diversity of microbial communities including "Extremophiles" living in harsh environments and their biotechnological potential applications.
b. Bioremediation of waste products and toxic materials
- Water and Food quality: Identifications of Human Enteric microbes in Water Resources & food products using metagenomic approaches.
- Medical Biotechnology: Molecular detection & identification of microbial pathogens in Clinical & food samples.
- Plant Biotechnology: Development of plants tolerant to herbicides, salt and drought & studying their diversity & Microbial-plant interaction
- Nanotechnology: The applications of nanotechnology in biological systems, medicine, environment and cosmetics.
- E-leaning, smart education & Innovation in Higher education
- Quality in Higher education & Research
- Bridging Academia with private sector